Falling Into Music: The Orchestra’s First Concert

By Alicia Malek, Academics Editor

The orchestra’s first performance was held on Tuesday, Oct. 12., featuring the Concert Orchestra, Philharmonic Orchestra and Symphony Orchestra. After a difficult virtual year, the orchestra is back and eager to perform.

In the program, Director of Orchestras Natalie Frakes notes, “Last year was a year of many firsts and it was the first year ever our orchestras met virtually. We kept the music alive and we are so fortunate that our students are open-minded, creative, and resilient young musicians who made the effort to keep the music alive.”

The first orchestra, the Concert, played the songs Diana the Huntress and Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End. After, the Philharmonic Orchestra performed Autumn from “The Four Seasons” and Mythos. At the end of the concert, the Symphony Orchestra presented Night on Bald Mountain and Symphonie Espagnole. The musicians for each section are included in the orchestra’s Falling into Music Program.

According to senior bass player Dia Patel, the concert was a success. The effort they put into their practices really paid off.

“I think the performance went really well. After not performing in front of a live audience for almost two years, it was really nice to be back to how things were before. I think you could really tell that we put a lot of work into what we do based on our performance tonight, and I think all of us are really proud of ourselves for the show we put on,” Patel said.

“We have been rehearsing relentlessly and had some sectionals and a clinic by ISU graduate students where they visited over Zoom. We had playing tests to prepare for them,” Frakes said.

Their achievement was a result of many dedicated years. For many of the musicians, their devotion to music has stretched all the way to elementary school.

“I’ve been playing cello since I was in third grade. Some of the reasons I’m involved in the orchestra is that I have a lot of fun making music with others, and I’ve made several friends in orchestra throughout the years. It’s also important to me to cultivate my skills as a musician as it’s something that keeps me productive while still having fun,” senior cello player Joelle Warden said.

Orchestra is not just a group; it is a community, and after this performance, it is clear that despite the division the pandemic created, the orchestra will continue to support each other.