Opinion: Should Niles West Change to a Block Schedule


By Gia Bexes, Staff Writer

Imagine having nine classes each day at school and homework due the next day for each of these nine classes. This is what our schedules look like here at Niles West.

We can all agree that homework for any class is extremely stressful. With a block schedule, you have half of your classes on some days of the week, while the others occur on the other days, separated into what are called “blocks.” A block schedule allows for more time to do work, giving students a break from the repetitive schedule. Along with the amount of homework students have, the block schedules would be beneficial to us.

Every other day, students would have different schedules with about five periods each day. Though class periods are longer, students have more time to complete their homework for their classes during these longer periods in school, as well as at home. For example, if a student was to have a class on Monday, their homework for that class would not be due until Wednesday because that is the next day that they would have that class.

Students with this format of scheduling have expressed flexibility within their lives both inside and outside of school. Classes can be eighty minutes long, but you have much more time than one night to do all your homework.

Stressing out over your algebra homework? Instead of cramming it all in one night and not understanding, a block schedule gives you more time to get the help you need. More time means better work.

High schools in our surrounding areas have adopted this schedule, including Glenbrook South, Glenbrook North, and Maine South.

Students have a difficult time getting one night to do all their homework. They have to find ways to prioritize other activities and especially a healthy sleep schedule.

Since students are encouraged to participate in numerous extracurricular activities, having a block schedule is beneficial for not only stress but better time management. How are we supposed to get our homework done when we only have one night to do it, and are we supposed to be involved in sports and other activities? I think that having more time to complete work with a block schedule will provide a much better stress-free environment.