Fall Choir Concert Tonight

By Gabrielle Abesamis

Choir Director Amy Branahl and her Women’s Choir, Men’s Choir, Chamber Choir, and Master Choir  students are scheduled to have their first concert of the school year tonight at 7:30 in the Robert L. Johnson Auditorium.

Sophomore and Chamber Choir singer Rachel Weisbecker notes that there will be more than five songs they will sing and will  range from Disney to Lady Gaga.

“Mrs. Branahl has good choice in music, she always picks songs that fit our abilities and that she knows we’ll sound good on, but she simultaneously chooses  a variety of music that we have fun singing and will appeal to the audience,” says Weisbecker.

According to sophomore and Men’s Choir singer  Raphael Lagoc, some of the soloists for the night include sophomore Cameron Broderick, junior Steven Christi, sophomore Sarah Younan, sophomore Surdeep Chauhan, sophomore Joseph Retondo, senior Arsalan Anwar, sophomore Daniel Bedoya, and Lagoc himself.

“Basically, we started practicing in the start of the school year. People should come so they can hear how the students of Niles West make music with their voices as main instruments,” says Lagoc.

Jamba Juice will be selling refreshments for $4 outside the auditorium as well.