Mariella Khoshaba: Bringing on the Creativity


Mariella Khoshaba posing with her friends Nancy Eseed (pictured on the left) and Maria Geroulis (pictured on the right).

By Isa Gil, Staff Writer

Picking a future career can be difficult, as many go through different phases and grow out of old hobbies. Luckily, even if you don’t have a certain activity that defines you, you always carry one major characteristic. For Mariella Khoshaba, it’s creativity.

“I’ve always found myself to be a creative person,” Khoshaba said. “I let out my creativity in my day-to-day life such as creating outfits. Outside of school, my style revolves around confidence. I feel like if you have a good outfit and do your hair and makeup, then you will feel a huge confidence boost within yourself. It definitely always makes me feel better when I dress up.”

When it comes to school though, Khoshaba says, “my style would probably revolve around comfort. Meaning, I like to remain comfortable and chic while being able to focus.”

Now, who does she get her style from? Khoshaba says “I get my style from my mom. She has always been an inspiration fashion wise. I also get my style from tv shows and things that are trending.”

Besides her mom, Khoshaba finds herself looking at other celebrities for inspiration. She says, “my main fashion inspirations are from Emma Chamberlain, Meghan Roche, Bella Hadid, Kendall Jenner, Adriana Lima, Jennifer Aniston, and Yasmin Wijnaldum.”

Every person interested in fashion has a favorite brand or designer.

Khoshaba says, “my favorite high-end brands would probably be Chanel, Jacquemus, and Balmain. This is because they’re all European inspired, and have this chic type of look to the design.”

In her free time, Khoshaba likes to watch shows and movies that inspires her fashion choices. She says, “I enjoy watching Gossip Girl and The Devil Wears Prada. I like watching The Devil Wears Prada because it gives me inspiration as to what job I would enjoy and want to do in the future. I also like the character Andy, and enjoy watching her potential throughout the movie. As for Gossip Girl, I love watching it for the aesthetic more than I do for the fashion. When it comes to character’s though, I do love Blair Waldorf’s outfits, and the old money aesthetic all the characters have.”

When asked if she was going to pursue a career in the fashion industry, Khoshaba said, “if the opportunity presents itself, I will definitely take it. But as for going on studying fashion, I wouldn’t do it just because of how risky it is to become successful. That being said, I really don’t know what I would like to study in college, but I look forward to finding out.”