Top 5 Scary Movies to Watch This Fall


Getty Images/iStockphoto

A masked jack-o’-lantern for Halloween.

By Katelin Chong, Arts and Entertainment Editor

Halloween is approaching quickly, and with it comes the revival of a plethora of horror movies. If you’re looking to sit down and watch jarring movies with your friends or family, here are some top horror movie picks for this fall!

  • It (Rated R)

Stephen King’s It is a great novel in itself, making it highly popular as a movie as well. It features well-known actors such as Finn Wolfhard, whom you may remember from the show Stranger Things, and Bill Skarsgård, the face behind the infamous Pennywise. Dedicated fans who want a more immersive version of King’s work should definitely check out It — its fun and talented cast make it a great pick for those who want an action-packed scary movie with many memorable scenes.

  • A Quiet Place II (Rated PG-13)

If you have watched John Krasinski’s A Quiet Place when it first premiered in 2018, then watching its sequel is a must. Although its premiere was delayed due to the pandemic, A Quiet Place II was still able to engage its audience and successfully live up to the first film. Once again, Krasinski did not disappoint, and I highly recommend watching this sequel along with its prequel if you have not already.

  • I am Legend (Rated PG-13)

Starring Will Smith as the main actor, I am Legend is another movie with an amazing plot to watch this Halloween. This movie is a great pick for those who enjoy the dystopian genre, but still want more emotional scenes. Smith’s performance makes it all the more engaging. Another interesting part of this movie is how it actually has two endings — while one was released in theatres, the other was shown in 2018 when the DVD version of the film was released. If you’re curious as to how the two differ, make sure to put aside some time and watch both endings!

  • Train to Busan (Not Rated)

Being the highest-grossing Korean film in Malaysia, Hong Kong and Singapore at its release, Train to Busan is 100% worth a watch. Completely in Korean, the movie is full of both action and moving moments — its form of horror is not solely jumpscares, but more so genuine fear and anticipation. Despite this, Train to Busan still manages to sneak in a couple of humorous scenes to lighten the mood. This film has a ton of talented actors and actresses and is bound to keep you at the edge of your seat.

  • Get Out (Rated R)

As one of the top 10 movies of 2017 and winning 17 awards, Get Out is an outstanding movie to sit down and watch. Director Jordan Peele managed to pull together a movie that addresses several serious issues in our society while keeping up its horror theme, making this film extremely unique. Both the visual and sound elements of the movie are also extremely impressive and are sure to capture your attention.

All five of these movies are packed with familiar actors and compelling plots. If Halloween comes around and you find yourself just sitting around, consider putting one of these films on to see some scares!