Oui, It’s All Français to Me

Flyer for the French Honors Society’s event.

By Alicia Malek, Academics Editor

French Honors Society held their annual French Week which featured fun-filled activities and delicious delicacies to celebrate French culture. Events included playing games, selling madeleines and spreading kind messages.

On Monday, they played pétanque in the courtyard, which is a French game involving two teams. Each team is given silver metal balls and tries to roll them to their team’s target.

After school on Tuesday, FHS and French Club joined together to make crepes and play Kahoot and Pictionary. This event was not only to enjoy French culture, but also to improve students’ French.

“We’ll have events for the other French students who might be in French 1, French 2, French 3, and French 4. We will host events for them to maybe get extra credit, practice, work on their French more,” senior Alice Virani said. “We try to help students who might need extra assistance as well.”

Students not enrolled in French classes also attended, and FHS helped them along the way.

“I played Pictionary and the girls running it made sure I understood the words and didn’t forget about anyone. I especially enjoyed making the crepes,” sophomore Danica Calalang said. “If French Club were to host another event like this, I’d recommend that anyone who can and wants to go should come!”

Sophomore Emily Pham also had a wonderful time.

“It was an amazing experience! Everyone was very interactive and the games were so much fun. Even though I myself didn’t know anything about French, people were willing to help out to keep things lively! Getting to make my own crepes and have that experience was great,” Pham said. “Now I will definitely be incorporating crepes into my everyday life!”

Making crepes was clearly the pièce de résistance.

During lunch periods on Wednesday, FHS also held a madeleine and pop sale.

“We had a madeleine, which is a little French sponge cake, and soda pop sale. We sold out really quick. We had three or four boxes, and they sold out by 6th period so that was pretty crazy. It was not what we anticipated,” Virani said.

The sale was a success, and FHS is hoping that their event on Friday, the Love Wall, will be the same. In the Student Commons, students can write nice notes.

“Today [Friday], we have the wall of love, which will be in the student commons, and it is based off of an actual wall, Le mur des je t’aime. It is a place in France where you can write ‘I love you’ in any language you would like to, and we are trying to mimic that in the Student Commons,” Virani said.

Spreading the French love with crepes, madeleines, and notes, FHS created an event to remember.