The Ultimate Athlete: Nora Graham


Nora Graham in her cross country uniform.

By Isa Gil, Staff Writer

Whether it’s running across the basketball court for a rebound, crossing the finish line at a cross country meet or punting the soccer ball across the field, Nora Graham can do it all.

“I’ve been playing basketball since I was in kindergarten, and it’s always been something I’ve been into. Although basketball isn’t my most serious sport, I still play it because I find it fun and entertaining,” Graham said.

Aside from basketball, Graham also enjoys other sports like cross country and soccer.

“My biggest passion at the moment is cross country. As of right now, it’s my favorite sport and I always feel most rewarded after our race is over. I also like playing soccer for the same reasons as basketball. I have been pretty much been playing it my whole life, and I like being part of a team,” Graham said.

Everyone who plays a sport has an inspiration for the reason they started. Some are inspired by a parent while others simply find it to be their passion. Graham on the other hand, plays for the tight bond she creates with her teammates.

 “I like playing sports for a lot of reasons. One of the biggest reasons is because of the team atmosphere. Meaning, I’ve met a lot of my best friends through sports, and getting to be with them everyday, doing something that we all love is just amazing. I also love being apart of a team, and just being surrounded by people who share the same goals as me and makes me want to better myself as a person. I also find myself to be a hardworking and determined person, so sports are kind of a perfect way to let that side of my personality out,” Graham said.

Besides sports, Graham has also showed interest for other after school activities like sophomore cabinet and German club, “I’ve joined these clubs because I want to be more involved in the school,” Graham said.

Being in so many after school activities can be challenging, especially if you have huge amounts of homework assigned everyday. So how does Graham manage it?

“To be honest sometimes school and homework is hard to juggle with sports, but I try my best to prioritize it. In my free periods like study hall and lunch, I usually try to finish as much homework as I can, so I don’t have to worry about it later.”

When Graham finds some time in her busy schedule, she hangs out with friends and basketball teammates like Willa Gebhardt and Vaughn Holleran who appreciate Nora’s kindness.

“Nora is one of the kindest people I have ever met. She has the most gentle demeanor and always finds a way to make you feel included,” Gebhardt said.

“She is always there no matter what and is always cheering the team on. You can always hear her cheering when you make a shot or a good play, and you can always expect a high five. She’ll always get you out of a bad mood and she is an amazing friend as well as a teammate,” Holleran said.

As Graham progresses in her athletic journey she hopes to continue to make long lasting memories with her teammates and bring home a championship trophy.