Nagy Out?

Matt Nagy, head coach of the Chicago Bears since 2018.

Matt Nagy, head coach of the Chicago Bears since 2018.

By Daniel Navarro, Sports Editor

Entering this 2021-22 NFL fall season on the hot seat, Bears head coach Matt Nagy has done it once again. Falling to an overall record of 4-7 and dropping to third in the NFC North division, Nagy faces anger from fans and the NFL world as his job in Chicago is once again on very thin ice.

After a standout season in 2018, going 12-4, reaching the NFC championship, and winning NFL coach of the year, Nagy has failed to get his team to qualify as a playoff contender, as well as become known for destroying the development of young quarterbacks as shown in Mitchell Trubisky‘s time in Chicago. Trubisky, a second overall pick out of the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, had high expectations for the Bears coming in, but years later his plans to become “the guy” in Chicago has regressed, resulting in Trubisky and the franchise parting ways this past off-season.

Senior Michael Rasho expresses his distress in Nagy’s coaching abilities.

“He should be fired and put out of his job because he clearly can’t run the offensive side of the ball properly. He also doesn’t put any effort into adapting to the new QB and his style of play,” Rasho stated.

After a couple of rough starts for the first round QB, Justin Fields, fans worry that the same thing will happen to him as it did with Trubisky. Fields has shown signs of stardom throughout his time on the field, but after throwing only 4 TD’s and 8 INT’s in a handful of starts, the Ohio State quarterback is in need of a new mentor.

“Since the 2018 season, the offense has taken a steady decline with little to no improvement on the offense. Drafting Fields was great for the Bears, but he was rushed into the action and has played below par,” senior Andrew Mikos stated.

Nagy’s inability to call plays has been another disappointment for this Bears fanbase.

“Nagy has continued to have a lack of great play calls even though he was supposed to be the offensive guru. Handing the play-calling over to Bill Lazor is the perfect example of why Nagy is not fit for the job anymore,” Mikos says.

As for senior Justin Hirmiz, Nagy’s incapabilities go far beyond being able to call plays and develop quarterbacks.

“He has proven to be nothing special over the last few seasons with the Bears. His failure to come up with a Super Bowl contending team in all his time within the organization has shown that he has no place with this franchise, and doesn’t deserve this head coaching job.”