Netflix’s Hit Show “Money Heist” Comes to an End


Poster for Part 5: Volume 2 of “Money Heist.”

By Isa Gil, Staff Writer

The final season of “The Money Heist” Part 5: Volume 2 came out on Friday, Dec. 3rd. This season is a continuation of what happened in the previous volume. It still includes the same characters but with different roles. Instead of Tokyo, played by Úrsula Corberó, explaining her life before the heist, she is narrating the events that are happening as well as some of the characters’ thoughts. “The Professor”, played by Álvaro Morte, is more hands-on this season with the heist and is partnered up Alicia Sierra, played by Najwa Nimri, who is also trying not to get caught by the police.

The last volume ended in a huge cliffhanger which picked up again at the beginning of the first episode. All the character’s grieved the death of their friend and each expressed how they dealt with it. Throughout the rest of the episodes, we can also see some relationships rekindle and become stronger. Just like the previous volume, the directors have continued the storyline with Berlin — except this time, they have gone more in-depth and showed Berlin’s son’s true colors as well as the man he has become.

This season has also changed my opinion towards one of the characters, that being Alicia Sierra. Before, I used to hate her for trying to arrest “The Professor” but ever since she teamed up with the gang I started to grow a liking for her. She has added some comedic lines in times of despair and has also had major character development.

Not only were the characters this season good but the ending was great as well. It definitely has to be one of the best endings to a show I have seen in a while. Everything was so unexpected and it was definitely not repetitive as some shows may get. I also enjoyed the characters who joined the group this season, they added a special touch and even gave the show a comedic side considering most of the time you are anxious for the outcome of the heist.

As always, the acting this season was amazing. It portrayed emotions that are often hard to appear authentic like anger, guilt, and sadness. The actors definitely made you feel as if you were a part of the heist. When things weren’t going right, you couldn’t help but feel a little anxious for the outcome, and when things were going great, you could not help but jump around and dance with them. The cinematography this season was great as always. The quality was very sharp and it just looked like you were there with them. The explosions and everything did not look fake which I think just added more character to the show.

After watching “The Money Heist” I would definitely say it’s worth the watch. Overall, I would rate “The Money Heist” an 8.5/10.