Announcement: 2022-2023 Course Registration for Juniors, Sophomores and Freshmen


Alicia Malek

January course registrations for next year.

By Alicia Malek, Academics Editor

Course registrations are right around the corner. From Jan. 10 – 25, juniors, sophomores and freshmen will meet with their counselors to register for their 2022-2023 classes. Each student will receive a message describing the date and time of their meeting. For juniors and sophomores, this message will be sent through Google Classroom while freshmen will receive theirs through Canvas.

To prepare for meetings, students should review informational worksheets on Google Classroom or Canvas to learn about the courses offered. Counselors will also visit during homeroom periods to further explain the process.

If you do not receive a scheduled meeting by the end of next week, email your counselor as soon as possible.