Opinion: Teachers Should Care If You Have Your Camera On


By Isa Gil, Staff Writer

There has been a widespread controversy regarding the questions, should cameras be on and should teachers enforce cameras? In my opinion, it should be enforced to have cameras on. Now obviously it does get annoying having a camera zoomed in on your face while you’re working, but it does help you stay focused and not fall behind.

Last year being remote, many people had the option to not turn on their cameras. This may be a shocker to many adults, but more than half of the students chose to have their cameras off. Students can be productive even with their cameras off, but I think we can all agree that during that time with our cameras off we are easily distracted. In addition, most of us students have our phones near us, so having our camera off is a gateway to just being on your phone for the period. Better yet, because our cameras are off, what will be the consequence of not paying attention? Well, the consequence is now you’re behind and have no idea what to do in class.

Aside from not missing out in class, other benefits to having your camera on are that you are more aware and it makes you more social. This year, I’ve noticed more of a response from students to their teachers with their cameras being turned on. Many are staying on track and are barely on their phone due to the hassle of hiding it and not making it obvious you’re texting your friends. In breakout rooms, you are also more likely to talk due to the fact you are face to face with one another.

Now, some people may find it difficult to turn on their camera due to their appearance, but I think there is a solution for this. In my health class, my teacher has turned on this option where the students can’t see each other, but he can see us. I think this is a great idea. If you’re concerned about how students view you, then you don’t have to worry about it anymore because with this option you can’t see each other. This is also great for teachers because they can see if you’re zoning off and put you back on track just like an actual classroom setting. This setting is called “Focus.” 

In the end, I do believe teachers should care if students have our camera on because they can see if we are learning and paying attention. Also, in the long run, having our camera on will make you more aware of what’s going on and won’t let you fall behind in your class.