BREAKING NEWS: D219 to Return to In-Person Instruction Earlier than Scheduled


By Jerry Mendheim, Video Editor

In-Person learning is set to begin three school days ahead of schedule on Thursday, Jan. 13. An email sent out by superintendent Dr. Steven Isoye, Niles North principal Dr. Jim Edwards and Niles West principal Dr. Karen Ritter announced a new plan to return to school. Monday, Jan. 10 and Wednesday, Jan. 12 will be remote days covering periods EB-9. Tuesday, Jan. 11, however, will be asynchronous. 

“We are excited to announce that we plan to bring everyone back for in-person instruction earlier than we anticipated. Students and staff will return for in-person instruction this Thursday and Friday,” the email said.

There was also another noticeable change, this time in the quarantining period for COVID-positive students and staff. The CDC changed their guidelines in December of 2021, and the Illinois State Board of Education initially did not accept the shortened quarantine period. However, the email stated that “The Illinois Department of Public Health issued updated guidance regarding isolation and quarantine. The new guidance aligns the 5 day recommendation of the CDC now with schools. Schools will no longer follow the 10 day isolation and quarantine regulations.”

Even with the new announcement, students should still be wary and continue to check their emails for updates about the situation in case of a change of policy.

“Staffing issues or outbreak concerns may result in a building, classroom, or program being put on adaptive pause and will move to remote instruction on short notice,” the email said.