Bears Front Office in Flames

Matt Nagy, head coach of the Chicago Bears since 2018.

Matt Nagy, head coach of the Chicago Bears since 2018.

By John Przekota and Daniel Navarro

Head coach Matt Nagy and general manager Ryan Pace of the Chicago Bears organization have been let go of their duties as of January 10th, 2022. After a 6-11 record this season, the firing of Nagy and Pace came as no surprise to Bears fans and the NFL world.

After a successful 2018 season, Nagy’s ability to conduct a scoring offense began to deteriorate. An average ranking of being 26th in points and 26th in yards in 2019 to 2021 is a statistic that no one likes to see, considering there are only 32 teams in the NFL. It’s evident that with Pace and Nagy leading the team they had a combined superpower: the inability to develop their prospects. 

Nagy’s inability to develop quarterbacks has been evident in their prospects such as Mitch Trubisky, a highly rated prospect coming out of the 2017 NFL draft. In his rookie year, he threw for 2,500 passing yards. Then in 2018, he threw for 24 touchdowns and 12 interceptions, with 14 starts. These stats are a prime example of why Nagy has been criticized for his ability to craft quarterbacks into high-level caliber players.

“Finally,” said sophomore Daniel Thannert.

The word spoken from Thannert expresses the frustration of Bears fans this season as the continued “Fire Nagy” chants continued to circulate at home games towards the end of the season. 

As for sophomore Eisen Kim, the firing of Nagy and Pace has been something coming for a long time.

“I am relieved that the firings happened, us as Bears fans have been waiting for this to happen and when it did I think we all just thought it was about time,” Kim stated.

To some fans, the firing wasn’t seen as a step back, but a step towards to a successful future. 

“I was excited because I believe the Bears have a ton of potential to be a great team, but we just need a new coach and general manager to help us,” said social studies teacher Jason Stanford.

Stanford is in belief that there’s a certain general manager who can fill the vacant role well, and conduct this organization effectively.

“I would like to see Ed Dodds get hired as the general manager. Dodds did a great job of helping build the roster for the Seattle Seahawks when they won the Super Bowl. If the Bears hire him, hopefully, he can turn our team into champs as well,” Stanford stated.

As for the head coaching job, Brian Flores, former Miami Dolphins head coach is a fan favorite among Bears fans.

“I would love to see Flores as the head coach. Flores is a rising star amongst NFL coaches, and he learned from Bill Belichik, one of the best coaches in the NFL,” Stanford said.

So far, the Bears have made no significant progress for the signings of the head coach and general manager position. Fans will have to wait and see if the organization will make a smart move or fill the position with another regretful replacement.