Track and Field: Race to First Place


Kalyn Zwik

Varsity girls track and field before beginning their long distance race.

By Emily Chin, Managing Editor

On your mark, get set, go! The boys’ and girls’ track and field teams are starting the season with an exciting bang. Officially starting this February, track and field houses two separate events: field and running.

Running events are comprised of sprints, long distance and relays; while field events have hurdles, shot-put, long jump and other throwing and jumping events. While the season is currently all indoor, outdoor track and field will make its debut in early April.

Using past seasons as a reflection, many of the runners know exactly what they need to work on to make this current season a successful one. Head coach, George Howe, knows exactly what he wants the team to work on.

“Our sprinters have been focusing on speed, shorter distances, and block starts. We also have hit the weight room a couple times these past weeks to increase our strength and power. Our distance unit has hit the streets when the weather has cooperated and we’ve been utilizing the cardio lab when space is limited inside. Our field event focus has been on the three jumps, shot put, and pole vault. All have been in the weight room consistently to develop the power that’s needed in these events.”

Though the track season starts at the beginning of the second semester, distance runners have used a fall sport, cross country, as a way too condition. “In the fall, I run cross country, which is basically pre-season track because it keeps me in shape. And in the offseason, I come to preseason workouts, try to do core workouts or I got to the gym to lift weights to keep my strength up,” senior Saira Khatoon stated.

Those in field events like sophomore Kitana Forsythe continues to make sure that her physique is healthy and in good shape. “My favorite jump is triple jump, and I prepare by icing my shins because shin splints get really bad during jumps. I stretch a lot and also make sure that my body is generally ready to throw myself into a pit of sand.”

With the first meets of the season for both boys’ and girls’ coming up soon, those new to the team are excited to experience their first high school meet. “I really like track so far. I’m enjoying being here everyday after school. And I look forward to the meets,” freshman Ava Ursan said.

During meets, each member has the ability to place for the specific event they participate in. If the runner or field event member does place in their individual event, the points will be added to the team score which determines the school placement during meets.

Though the season just started, expectations are high. Senior Jack Wernecke said, “I’m looking forward to running on the indoor track because it’s our first since sophomore year. As a team our goal is to make up for lost time and hopefully send a bunch of guys to state.”

The boys’ first meet occurred Friday, Feb. 4 at home, while the girls’ first meet will be on this Tuesday, Feb. 8 at Glenbrook South.