Boys’ Water Polo Makes a Splash


Emily Mendieta

West player trying to steal the ball from the opposing team.

By John Przekota, Staff Writer

With the cold weather drifting away, it is time for spring sports. The boys’ water polo team is looking to make a statement this season. After having a successful season last year, they look to improve on having a better season and bringing home a conference title.

For senior Decklan Barnabas, his excitement to start the season is through the roof with the expectations of his team putting in the work to have an even better season than last year.

“We made some really good improvements last season, I hope to keep the momentum we gained and really surprise the conference this year. I want to see commitment from the team and for everyone to give it they’re all in practice because that’s the only way we’re gonna get good payouts during our games,” Barnabas stated.

When asked how he wants to see the team improve, senior captain Jack Plusker believes the entire team needs to be working hard constantly.

“I expect everyone to be very dedicated to the team. We are going to have a really good team this year, so I expect everyone to work hard in games and practices,” Plusker stated.

Plusker notes one of the improvements needed by him to aid his team to a successful season

“I want to improve how physically I play in-game, so I can improve the teams overall quality of play,” Plusker said.

When asked what he expects from himself this season, junior Logan Bobiles has two things in mind.

“Something I personally want to improve on from last season is my shooting and being more aggressive in the water,” Bobiles stated.  

As for what Bobiles expects from the team this year, winning conference is at the top of that list. 

“I expect the team this year to build on the skill from last year and to push themselves to their limits so we could reach our goal of winning conference,” Bobiles said.

Excitement runs through the team as senior Miki Canak has high expectations for the team.

“We are very excited for the upcoming season. This year we have a great varsity team and our expectation is to reach within the top three spots on our conference,” Canak stated.

With many hurdles to climb this coming season, the team tries to perform well and find success this season. Catch the team play their first game on March 15th at New Trier.