“You Make A Difference” Breakfast Awards Faculty and Staff

By Athena E. Hilentzaris

“You Make A Difference” for faculty and staff was held this morning at 7:30, honoring all the members that made a difference in the school with the usual breakfast.

“You Make A Difference” is an award that honors the faculty and staff members who have had a positive impact on a student, who then nominate them for the award. A robust breakfast also takes place, where the award is presented with congratulations from the principal, other faculty and staff, and of course the students who have nominated the nominee.

This year there were too many nominations, so there will be a second “You Make A Difference” for faculty and staff in spring.

“[Students] will have another opportunity in the spring to submit a nomination,” says director of student activities Jessica Ogulnik through an e-mail sent to all students.

This year’s fall nominations are:

Tayyaba Ahmad, Paul Bellwoar, Amy Branahl, Kathleen Brandes, Michael Conroy, Susan Dalak, Richard DeCoster, Dana DesJardins, Margaret Donnelly, Patricia Ference, Steve Foerch, Stacey Gibson, Ruth Gleicher, Laura Gorski, Michael Graham, Lauren Hall, Tamara Jaffe-Notier, Andrew Klamm, David Klingenberger, William Koch, Neil Koreman, Hope Kracht, Ami LeFevre, Michele Lewis, Bryan Paliza, Fernando Perez, Evie Raffanti, Mark Rigby, Daniel Rusk, Anthony Serafini, Andy Sinclair, Cameron Slife, Mitch Stern, Angela Tzortzis, JulieAnn Villa, Paul Wack, and Matt Weatherington.

Congratulations to all.