Niles West Orchesis Presents: Finesse!

Taylor Windmon taking the center stage in Godzilla performance.

This past Thursday, the Niles West Orchesis team performed their community performance of “Finesse!” from third-fifth period, and I was lucky enough to attend.

After not being able to perform an in-person show since March 2020, for obvious reasons, it felt good to be able to watch them dance again. This show did not disappoint and I’m so glad I was able to watch it.

The entire ensemble consisted of numerous different genres and styles of dancing which was perfect because a variety is important. I also loved the song choices that they used, they had me dancing in my seat throughout the entire performance. Personally, song choices are one of the most important things because if it’s not a song that catches my ears, I probably won’t be enjoying the dance. Even though I did say I loved the music choice, I felt that there could’ve been more hype/up beat music but maybe that’s because I’m more a hip-hop girl as opposed to lyrical or contemporary.

I also loved the costumes they all wore and though they all mostly matched the dance. Since it is a dance performance I was a little surprised that for some of the dances there was street clothes being worn. I think the dances are more visually appealing when everyone’s wearing the same thing, sometimes when people have different shades of shirts or pants on it makes it look a little messy. Nonetheless, clothing and costumes aren’t a make or break it for me, just something I observed throughout the show.

Now onto my favorite dances of the performance: I loved the second dance which is called “Fading Away.” I loved the lighting on stage and the elegance of their dancing, it truly was a great piece. I also enjoyed the dance called “Godzilla” which was choreographed by senior Paula Jimenez. Although at the community performance there was a little sound trouble, it all worked out because in the end I got to see the dance twice! I think Paula did an amazing job in the beginning with her solo part and I also loved the outfits everyone was wearing with it.

The dances “Deja Vu” choreographed by junior Naomi Catalla and “Closer” choreographed by junior Jaqueline Flores were very enjoyable to sit through. Both pieces were great and the amazing music choices had me loving every second of each dance.

Watching Orchesis performances, or even dance performances in general, always make me wish I continued with dance instead of quitting. You can truly tell how much hard work and effort this talented group of young people put into this performance.

This dance performance is a must watch event for everyone at Niles West. Make sure to check out the performances today after school at 6:30 p.m. and tomorrow, Sat. March 5, also at 6:30 p.m. It is $5 to attend with a student ID at the door. If you don’t have a student ID then it becomes $10 dollar at the door, and don’t forget, it’s cash only!