What’s Freshman Cabinet?


2021-2022 freshman cabinet members

By John Przekota, Staff Writer

Every grade has their own cabinet, and one group in particular has been busy at work to prepare for the rest of their high school careers. The freshman cabinet works to represent and express the voices of the freshman class. They fundraise for dances and charities while also planning events for their coming years of high school.

“Freshman Cabinet is a club that solves problems, tries to make more activities for the senior class, and connects with the freshman class,” freshman Emma Aufegger said.

As cabinet members continue to fundraise, the money achieved gets used for specific event throughout their four years of high school such as raising money for their senior gifts, senior dances, prom, clubs, the 2025 senior cabinet and charity.

The current freshman cabinet is made up of president Zara Rupani, vice president Emma Aufegger, secretary Kelly Wingo, treasurer Sumayyah Hussaini and cabinet member Syeda Jaffery.

Although there are leadership levels, the cabinet communicates with the freshman class by including them in impactful decisions. If the cabinet is looking to hold a fundraiser, they may ask other students for their input.

According to Rupani, the whole freshman class may contribute to freshman cabinet.

“We want all the people in the freshman class to feel that their opinion is heard. They could give us ideas on how to fundraise,” Rupani said.

The cabinet not only spreads awareness for fundraisers, but also helps students learn about the school.

“It is important because being as a freshman coming into a new school, you don’t know much. With our sponsors like Ms. Van Alstin, our counselors, and the freshman class we get to connect more with and get closer to more people besides the freshman, and more people will know what we do,”¬†Wingo said.

While each year impacts the next, sponsor Joyce Van Alstin explains that the impact is not as big as it was last year as a result of the delay caused by COVID.

“We touch on it but each year is different on what can happen and what will happen because this has been a completely different year. We couldn’t start on time so we have had to adjust,” Van Alstin said.

The freshman cabinet is currently working on their next fundraiser, which will be selling Airheads to raise money for their senior gifts in 2025. All money fundraised will be used for other bigger projects and events.

If you want to support the freshman cabinet, you can buy some Airheads in mid-April. Those interested in joining can reach out to any of the cabinet leaders along with sponsor, Van Alstin.