Opinion: Are There More Doors or Wheels?


By Katelin Chong, Arts and Entertainment Editor

Recently, some users of the app TikTok have found themselves asking a critical question: are there more doors or wheels in the world? Some make the argument there have to be more doors in the world, especially if some cabinets are counted — I, however, am confident there are more wheels than doors.

Many on the opposing side of this argument bring up the number of toy houses with doors accompanying them. If we are diving into the world of toys, though, there are hundreds of toy cars produced on a daily basis — according to Marketplace, more than 6 billion toy cars have been sold since 1968. Most of these cars have four wheels depending on their model, but not all of them have working doors. If the doors of the car cannot open, then they are not real doors; they are decor. One thing is assured, however — the wheels of the toy cars will function as they should.

Along with toy cars being produced consistently every day, there are also countless real, working cars with four wheels being manufactured at factories. According to the Association for Advancing Automation, industrial robots were introduced to motor facilities in 1961, and with the introduction of such complex machinery, car production saw a definite increase. Since then, numerous well-known car brands — Toyota, Ford, Tesla — have come out with dozens of new models each year, summing up to millions of brand new vehicles being rolled out annually. Most of these vehicles are guaranteed to be equipped with four functioning wheels — what they may not have, though, are four doors. Coupes are known for not having four doors as a typical sedan does, seeing that it only has two. Upon one glance at coupes, though, it is clear they have four wheels.

Aside from both real and fake cars, there are also countless objects in the world equipped with wheels to help them move more efficiently. Numerous kinds of drawers have wheels to help them slide open; office chairs can have an array of wheels to allow people to spin around; the science lab tables used at our very own Niles West High School have wheels on the bottom of their legs so they are able to be moved around the room to people’s liking. From this short list, it is clear there are numerous objects other than cars that are furnished with wheels. Added onto the previously stated amount of cars, I am sure more wheels exist in the world than doors.

Take a look at your own home. After a simple walkthrough, counting the number of doors would not be very complicated — there are mainly bathroom doors, bedroom doors and a door to the backyard, maybe even a garage door. Despite the range of doors, you may have, it is much easier for wheels to outnumber them, simply due to their various sizes and uses. For example, in an office, one door can be found at the entrance when walking in. A singular office chair can immediately outnumber said door due to the four wheels found attached to its legs.

While to some this debate may seem easy to brush off, I am not one to back down from an argument I am confident in, and I am most certainly confident there are more wheels than doors. I first came to the conclusion after briefly thinking about the question, and after further research, I am even more sure of my response. To those who disagree, I implore you to look more into the question.