National Honors Society Induction to Take Place Tonight

By Hafsa Wahid

National Honors Society will have its annual Induction Ceremony on Wednesday, Nov. 9 at 7:00 P.M.

National Honors Society is a program where students are honored for their academic excellence and achievement. Students are selected based on their academic achievements and extracurricular involvement. After students are selected they are given membership at an Induction ceremony.

“[National Honors Society] is indeed an organization that selects students who deserve recognition. It not only requires bright students in the classroom but also those that are well-versed outside the confines of academia, said president of National Honors Society and senior Brinda Shah.  She further said, “As it is usually difficult to juggle academics, extracurricular activities, and community service at the same time, this organization selects only those that are suitable.”

This year’s members are Despina Ades, Christopher Ahmad, Imaani Ali, Justin Andrada, Zofia Antonow, Brian Barnabas, Judiel Bibat, Mark Bibat, Alyssa Brummitt, Rebecca Byrne, Carla Certeza, Rishy Chacko, Samantha Chao, Dawei Chen, Steven Czajkowski, Emme Deamont, Maria Dekhtyar, Emina Djelovic, Cory Dolins, Rachel Fricke, Kelsey Galicia, Colene Gibson, Anastasia Goudes, Khadijah Hamid, Daniel Heller, Blake Helton, Laura Hernandez, Katie Hoban, Lucas Hoffman, Aaron Hong, Janet Iqal, Aliza James, Jobin Joseph, Zareen Kamal, Kathy Kastanes, Osman Khan, Ellen Kim, Akshar Kumar, Jieun Kwon, Lauren Langer, Ari Lazar, Celine Ledesma, Alvin Lee, Alexis Leftakes, Christina Leon, Michelle Leong, Riyushi Mahadik, Janella Manalang, Elizabeth Mangulabnan, Kristina Manipon, Konstantinos Maris, Jacqueline Mathew, Daniel Melnick, Patrick Melnick, Zoya Momin, Michael Nissan, Sarah Nordin, Nicole Ostro, Angelika Przewoznik, Andrew Rapoport, Vanessa Retondo, Alberto Rios Jr., Aaron Ruderman, Lia Sacks, Kelly Sanks, Brinda Shah, Vikram Shah, Emily Shankar, Claire Son, Tiffany Steffen, Jessica Sutfin, Margaret Swanson, Trevor Talhami, Elisabeth Troyk, Jacob Uyeda, Carolyn Wong, Michal Wyczesany, Tracey Yu, Julia Zasso, and Filip Zivkovic.

College and career counselor Daniel Gin says the Induction ceremony welcomes the members of National Honors Society.

“The Induction Ceremony is to welcome the students into being a full member of the National Honor Society,” said Gin.

Senior Imaani Ali said National Honors Society is a good opportunity for students.

“[National Honors Society] makes you feel like you’re being rewarded for your efforts,” said Ali.

The rehearsal for the Induction ceremony will take place at 3 p.m.