Hustle, Hit and Never Quit Boys’ Tennis Season Begins


By Katarina Pljevaljcic, Staff Writer

Spring has started and the weather has been warming up, perfect for playing a good game of tennis.  The Niles West boys’ tennis team are very thrilled to be having their first normal season since Covid.

Senior Jordan Huang has high hopes and is extremely excited to have a regular season, unlike last year.

“I’m really looking forward to playing more matches, being in tournaments and having an overall “normal” season than the really short season we had last year.”
However, the on and off weather has been impacting the team and the time they have to prepare.
“Over the spring break we were scheduled to have practice, but because of the rain and snow we didn’t have that chance. To be honest, I’m nervous because we didn’t have much time to practice and we still have quite a few matches this week — our first ones in the season,” Huang said.
Another player, senior Tyler Steinkamp has his sight towards the upcoming season and the chemistry he wants to build with the teammates.
“I am looking forward to improving my game and building a better connection with my teammates. This season has started off a little rocky in terms of chemistry mostly because a lot of our leaders graduated last year, but I believe it will gradually get better and better as the season continues,” Steinkamp stated.
Although certain players are nervous about the start of the season, head coach Andrew Suarez is hopeful and believes that they will be successful and have time to build on their skills.
“All our players are at different levels and no matter where they are, there is always room for improvement.  Our goal is to improve while having fun doing it. [My biggest goal] is to finish with a winning record, win our home tournament, and qualify a team for the state tournament, ” Suarez stated.
Along with Suarez’s hopefulness, he is also looking forward to excitement and new opportunities.

“Just being out on the court with all the athletes.  We have a great group of guys who are eager to learn and love the game of tennis.”

The Wolves kicked off their season yesterday against Notre Dame College Prep with a tough loss, but they focus their attention towards Rolling Meadows tomorrow.