Opinion: The Best Things about Warmer Weather and Summer


By Leila Meseljevic, Staff Writer

This weekend, on April 23 and 24 of 2022, was when we finally got to feel the warm weather kick in.

The outdoor sports here at West are thrilled about this weather, and so am I. Now when I am watching my friends play soccer it will not be excruciating in the cold weather. Additionally, outdoor lunch will allow my friends and me to feel the sun on our skin. I can finally pull out my summer clothes, pairing together a cute tank top and shorts.

Towards the months of May and June, I am thrilled to bike around with my friends and hang out at different restaurants. The warmer weather lets me eat my favorite dessert almost every dayice cream. Dairy Star near my house will finally open, and I love going there with my sister or my cousins. Also, the Lincolnwood Pool will open where I go, as well as Proesel Park. I cannot wait for the Lincolnwood carnival to take place. I go there with my friends and eat the funnel cakes. The warmer weather also leads to my birthday in June. I cannot wait to make some money and have a birthday party with my best friends.

During the hot weather, I am going to spend most of my time at the beach. I love feeling the hot sand on my feet, especially when I come out of the cold lake water. Spending the whole day at the beach, with my family, grandparents and cousins is honestly the best. Over at the beach, we grill food, tan, build sandcastles and play games in the water. On the day of July 4th, I also spend my time at the beach. My family and I dress up and walk along the grassy area of the beach. Additionally, the hot weather accompanies the time that sand volleyball starts. It is where I will also spend some of my time throughout the summer. Regardless of me becoming burnt while playing, I am happy to be playing a sport that I love.

The only complaint about the warm weather is realizing the end of the school year finishes off with Finals. This is my least favorite part of the year because if I have any grades on the brink of being an A, I know I have to do very well on the final. Finals will cloud our minds a couple of weeks before the end of school, but once it is over summer break will finally be here!