Class of 2022 Senior Superlatives


By Luca Hatzopoulos and Emily Chin

Most Likely To Host a Daytime Talk Show: Anthony Sivric

Best Couple That Never Dated: Melanie Sorisho and Ali Karatas

Most Likely To Be Late to Class Because the Starbucks Line Was Too Long: Marina Stellatos

Class Clown: Benjamin Melinte

Smartest Slacker: Keene Hyunh

Best Smile: Jessica Palmer

Most Stylish: Adrien Herrera

Best Car: Daniel Matthew

Most Likely To Be President: Samuel Phillips

Most Likely To Be On Broadway: Jake Pranian

Biggest Glow Up: Rabee Ahmad

Best Bromance: Rayyan Khaliq & Owais Aslam

Most Likely To Be an Entrepreneur: Elizabeth Perez

Most Likely To Become an Olympian: Samuel Burns

Prettiest Eyes: Atiq Sheth


Life of the Party: Jadden Miller

Biggest Teacher’s Pet: Izabella Putrus

Most Likely To Become a Millionaire: Ashton Tise

Biggest Heartbreaker: Sara Mubark

Best TikToker: Mubashir Siddiqui

Most Likely To Be a Super Senior: Matthew Odisho

Most Likely To Die First in Squid Game: Matthew Chung

*not pictured