The 2022 Met Gala: Hit or Miss?


Many of the outfits found on the red carpet depicted the theme of “The Gilded Age.”

By Isa Gil, Staff Writer

If you’ve been on social media, you’ve probably come across the term “The Met Gala.” Now, if you aren’t familiar with it, here is what the yearly hype is about. Every year, the Met Gala is hosted to raise funds for the Costume Institute. This being said, it is an invite-only event, but if you really wanted to attend, it is $35,000 per ticket and a table can cost between $200,000 to $300,000. As for celebrities, most of the time, they are invited to the event by big fashion brands who pay for their ticket.

Being that this is a yearly event, there is always a yearly theme. Last year, the theme was “American Independence” and this year it was “Gilded Glamour”. Although there is plenty of room for interpretation about this phrase, the Met Gala expected people to channel the Gilded Age of New York, which was between 1870 to 1890. It represented a time of gold, glitter, glamour and wealth. The fashion around this time also consisted of magnificent renaissance pieces featuring corsets, silk, velvet, satin and extravagant jewels.

Now what is so trendy or wonderful about this event is you will see your favorite celebrities arriving in designer clothing to embody what the theme means to them. This year reality tv stars the Kardashians and Jenners attended the Met Gala, as well as singers like Bad Bunny and Olivia Rodrigo.

To start, Kim Kardashian arrived wearing the iconic dress Marilyn Monroe wore for John F. Kennedy’s 1962 birthday party. Although the dress looked incredible on her, it sparked some controversy among historians. They were extremely angry that a Kardashian would turn a historical piece into some sort of inexpensive piece of clothing worn one night on a red carpet. In addition, they were concerned that the dress’s seams would burst or tear. In my opinion, it wasn’t a big deal. Kim’s red carpet dress was iconic and she only wore it on the red carpet. After taking a few pictures in it, she rushed off and changed into a replica of the gown.

Another Kardashian-Jenner clan dress I liked was Kendall Jenner’s piece. The dress was very unique and its length was perfect. Her makeup also added a touch to the outfit. Everything she wore definitely complemented each other, as it gave a dark elegant type of look.

Khloe Kardashian’s outfit was also very elegant. It was very simple, but the diamonds gave the dress a wow factor. Although the dress was nice, it was missing something. I feel like she could’ve added some jewelry to really put the look together. There were other outfits that could’ve used a touch or two such as Kylie Jenner. I think her idea behind the dress was very heartwarming since she wore it to honor the late Virgil Abloh, but the execution of the dress wasn’t the best.  The veil, the hat, and the see-through shirt didn’t make the outfit pop as it was supposed to.

Last but not least, Kourtney Kardashian’s dress was not for the event. When you take a look at her outfit, it just looks like she put it together last minute. In fact, she even revealed in an interview that she “didn’t really think” about the theme of the Met Gala.

Aside from the Kardashians, I believe that Bella Hadid and Rodrigo’s fit were amazing. Hadid’s outfit indulged in the world of Gilded Glamour. Her corset was beautiful and fit the theme. In addition, her outfit was complicated, but in a good way. Everything she wore just went well together and it was definitely hot but elegant. Aside from Bella, Rodrigo’s outfit was spectacular, the purple dress really went with her previous album “Sour.” It also went along with the theme and her makeup was extremely well done considering it reflected the colors of her outfit.

Although Hadid and Rodrigo’s outfits were cute, Blake Lively’s Met dress was breathtaking. The dress was stunning and the attention to detail was impeccable. I also loved how the dress changed from gold to blue being on point with the theme. In addition, I loved how she actually planned the dress and didn’t put everything together last minute.

Overall, not many people were true to the theme of Gilded Glamour except for a selected few. Hopefully, next year we see outfits that were planned and are magnificent.