Cap and Gown Pick-Up


Andrea Espino

Class of 2021 throwing their caps in celebration.

By Theodore Kossnar, Staff Writer

Seniors! With graduation right around the corner culminating the end of a long four years, now’s the time to pick up your cap and gown!

Instructions were sent via an email from Daniel Gin to seniors stating the instructions they need to complete before Friday, May 6 to pick up their graduation attire.

Seniors must complete an online college application survey and order final transcripts to send to colleges – further information alongside video assistance can be found in the email.

Seniors must then head over to the College & Career Resource Center in Room 1120 and, upon verifying that they’ve completed their survey and ordered their transcript, will receive a blue ticket to show to their counselors.

Have your counselor sign the ticket, and you’ll be able to pick up your cap and gown on May 6.