West Reacts: U.S. Supreme Court Leaked Document In Favor Of Overturning Roe v. Wade


Abortion protest at Foley Square after news of U.S. Supreme Court leak circulated.

By Celina Saba, Staff Writer

A leaked draft from The U.S. Supreme Court suggests that the Court plans to deliberate overturning the 1973 Roe v. Wade ruling that establishes a Constitutional right to abortions. News spread quickly and mixed emotions across the board were evident, even in the Niles West Community. 

If Roe v. Wade is overturned, states will have more power to dictate the legality of abortion. Each state will have the freedom to make bills that restrict the process and ability to get an abortion.

“The court should not make abortions illegal because if the mom wants to get an abortion, she should consult the father too, but ultimately, its her decision. It is her body, and if she can’t provide a good life for the child, then it is better to just not have a child,” freshman Rosalyn Dhamavasi said. 

Others reflect on stories passed down from parents and grandparents who lived before the 1973 ruling. 

According to consumer education instructor Jen Sinnick, “we’re going back in time.”

“When I hear stories from people like my mother and people from that age group about the time before Roe v Wade, and how horrible that time was for women, it just feels like a slam on women’s rights,” Sinnick said. “I don’t believe it’s even a political statement, but if you want to make it political, everyone’s been screaming ‘dont take away our rights, less government!’ Well, what is this?”

Some students voiced their opinion on what they believe is a very complex issue. 

“I feel that it’s beyond human judgment and a very complex issue.  I’m a Christian, so I feel that we should leave it up to God, and just leave it in his hands,” senior Logan Rose said.

Other students didn’t feel comfortable making a statement due to their sex. 

“I don’t have a uterus so I don’t have a comment,” senior Andrew Benstead said. 

Many female students expressed concern for the future of women’s’ rights. 

“I feel like the move to overturn Roe v. Wade doesn’t have anything to do with ‘protecting children.’ It’s only being overturned so governments can have more control over women’s bodies,” senior Dia Patel said. “If pro-lifers really cared about saving children, they would do more to help homeless kids or kids in the foster care system and if they cared about the mother, they would help her provide a stable home to raise the child they’re forcing her to have. All overturning Roe v. Wade does is prevent women from getting safe abortions, it puts more lives at danger.”

I feel like women should be in charge of what they do with their bodies. If a girl gets raped and she gets pregnant, how is she going to take care of the baby? What if she’s not financially stable? I think that women should have the right to their own body,” senior Najah McGee said.

The leaked document is only a draft, it is not confirmed that the Supreme Court will overturn the ruling of Roe v. Wade.