Rachel Lee Takes the World of Photography by Storm


By Leila Meseljevic, Staff Writer

“Click click,” Rachel Lee is ready to snap a photo. Lee took photos before high school, but her love and passion for photography started during her Freshman year of high school.

Over the years Lee has discovered the most important aspects of photography that she loves.”I love going on field trips and going out to take pictures of moments that you cannot capture again, especially with Ms. Sortino because she is the best,” Lee said.

Ms. Sortino has made an impact on Lee since the start of her photography in her Freshman year. “When I opted to take the photography class, I already knew that Ms. Sortino was a favorite teacher amongst many students. Even my counselor introduced me to her class. I love her personality and a ball of sunshine. The vibe in her classroom is electric,” said Lee.

Teacher Deanna Sortino shares a liking towards Lee as well. “Rachel Lee is a dynamic force in photography. She takes risks with her artwork and always comes up with creative solutions. I love how much she captures her family dynamic within her photography, always comes to class with a positive attitude, and has such professionalism within her work. She has already won many awards for her artwork and I’m excited to see what she will continue to create in AP 2-D next year,” Sortino said.

Even though Lee has taken many photos she loves a photograph that she took of her mother during sophomore year. Her mother is holding newspapers that Lee set on fire. Lee says, “This photo has won many awards, but has a bigger meaning behind it. I won a Scholastic Gold Key with that photo, and it is up for the National Award. If I win, my photo goes up in the Capital building.”

Additionally, Lee has looked up to many people, but her greatest role models are the Juniors and Seniors. Lee believes there are so many talented people and she named a few, including junior Evelyn Herbert, junior Alexa Mazilu, and senior Evi Hatzopolous.

“I’ve witnessed her photograph first-hand and she has never failed to capture something beautiful. She has such a unique vision when looking at just every day things and is able to make everything she captures more interesting. She takes one glance when going to take a photo, and she really just finds the beauty in the most simple things,” Mazilu said.

“My favorite class is my photography class. I enjoy spending time with the people there, it is so thrilling every day, and you never do the same things,” Lee said