Welcome Class of 2026


Evelyn Herbert

Many freshmen enthusiastically participate in a crowd energizer.

By Katarina Pljevaljcic, Social Media Manager

All aboard the class of 2026, the new future of Niles West. This year the freshmen were fortunate to have an eventful orientation after past freshman orientations have been minimized due to COVID.  The wolf pups were separated into groups based on their homeroom and counselor, they were assorted in various bright-colored t-shirts.

Throughout the day there were various activities the students participated in to give students an opportunity to get to know their peers better, become comfortable with the school, and to make new friends. Some activities that were included were; Time Warp (a rope activity where they have to run through a rope being swung by the mentors), Hop Jump Skip (a competition game where you play rock paper scissors by skipping), and many others.

The freshmen got their own High School Musical Experience with Niles West’s A Cappella ‘Echo Effect’ performing “Golden” by Harry Styles. Students enjoyed that GOLDEN moment and some even felt a deeper feeling toward this song.

“When they were singing their song and they kept saying “Golden” and they said “we know you’re scared”, I felt less nervous because they knew that we were going to be scared so they are here to help us out. Whenever they were saying “You’re so golden” that means that you will be fine and that the high school mentor would help you whenever you need help, so I really liked when they said that part,” said freshman Menaal Yousaf.

To cut the nerves down a bit, a special guest Alyssa Chang also known as “2 Changs” led an energizer. It was a good way to wake them up because as Chang said, “When your body is in motion, your mind is in motion”.

As students are extremely excited about the start of the new chapter in their life, they are also feeling very nervous.

” I don’t like [high school]. I don’t want to go to high school [because] I loved middle school and I would love to stay in middle school if I could. I am so nervous about my classes, teachers, lunch and all that high school has to offer. I am scared without a doubt. I don’t want to be here and I don’t like the concept of this and I would go back to middle school if I could,” said freshman Christine Vuong.

Whether you are a freshman who is excited or nervous about high school, just know that this new start in your life will help you grow and teach you new skills that are necessary for life.