Johnny Orlando Releases His Debut Album “All The Things That Could Go Wrong”


Johnny Orlando’s new album cover for “All The Things That Could Go Wrong”.

By Gia Bexes, Features Editor

At last, the 19-year-old singer and songwriter Johnny Orlando released his debut album on August 19th called, “All The Things That Could Go Wrong”.

Right off the bat, I felt the vibe of the album from hearing the songs previously released. The songs “Leave the light on,” “you’re just drunk,” “Someone will love you better,” “Blur” and “Coping” were released prior to the debut album’s release. “Leave the light on,” and “Coping,” were released closer to the album’s release date, while “You’re just drunk,” “Someone will love you better” and “Blur” were released a while before. 

“Leave the light on” is definitely one of my favorites. This song starts with a slow pace and progressively becomes more upbeat. The upbeat parts make me want to get up and dance, but it is also a song I can connect to on an emotional level. This song is really catchy and is always stuck in my head. The message of the song is, no matter what, someone will be there for you, and to “leave the light on”. I love the lyric “If you’re falling apart, you can’t see through the dark, I will leave the light on,” I think this is very meaningful. 

When I first heard “Someone will love you better” I immediately fell in love with it. The music video and the song itself brought me to tears. The video included images of Orlando’s eyes full of tears, giving them a glow. Also, it shows an image of goosebumps and houses in flames. These visuals contributed to the intensity of the song and the emotions he meant to showcase. I feel that this song really shows how excellent of an artist he is and how far he has come in the music industry. 

In addition to “Someone Will Love You Better”, my other favorite song is “Coping”. If you’re ever in the mood to cry, I would definitely recommend listening to this song. Orlando has been working on it for quite some time since it holds a special meaning. He met a girl in person five years ago, and he stayed in touch with her. The song is about how Orlando and the girl keep in touch and make sure to be there for each other. Aside from the touching backstory, Orlando’s vocals are amazing which makes people connect with the song. His soft voice and the change from low to high notes really grasps emotions. The lyrics “and she moved right out the house, 16 but 21 spirits..” truly captivates my emotions.

Overall, this album is truly so incredible and it holds a significant symbol through the image of a butterfly. All across the album, a butterfly is shown and represented. I think it holds a special message about growing up and adolescent experiences, as well as their impact on life.  I think the butterfly also represents coming together. Aside from the thoughtful symbol, it is so fascinating to see how a young artist like Orlando is so successful. It is no doubt that huge things are coming his way in the future.