New Literacy Center Assistant: Reine Hanna


Reine Hanna, Lit Center’s new assistant.

By Cristina Davison, Staff Writer

The first thing you notice when you walk into the Literacy Center is new assistant Reine Hanna sitting at her desk. There she waits to welcome students and help them find the resources that they need. The room is filled with books, math supplies and tutors and teachers waiting to assist students.

In this short while that I have been here, I have seen the incredible value as well as the valuable opportunity the Literacy Center offers. It offers students the ability to receive help outside of class, so I would strongly recommend students who have not been in here, to come in and take advantage of the tutoring services that are offered here,” Hanna said. 

Hanna has worked hard to make the Lit Center an amazing place with wonderful experiences. So far, she has updated bulletin boards, added incentives for tutors, and worked on the look and feel of the room. She also works hard to find specific tutors for students who are seeking help in specific subjects.

“We have such a dynamic group of tutors this year. They are students themselves, they are athletes, they have extra-curriculars, and yet they still make the time to be here to support the Wolf Pack community,” Hanna said.

The Lit Center is directed towards students who are seeking extra help outside of class. Hanna strongly encourages any students who are interested in spending their free time helping students to become tutors themselves.

“It’s a great place to be and a great community to be a part of. Especially students that feel very confident in a particular subject, whether that’s English, or Math, Science or other subjects,” Hanna said.

The Lit Center offers help from teachers as well as student tutors. Student tutors receive extra class credits and being a tutor helps strengthen their resume.

“This is a great way to share your knowledge and skills with others, but also it looks wonderful on a resume. It looks great for college applications. If you are a tutor, you get credit for it and it goes on your transcript. Definitely something to think about, if interested in helping fellow classmates,” Hanna said.

Though the Lit Center is a wonderful place, Hanna explains that there are some challenges that have come along with being the new assistant.

“Coming into this new role, one of my priorities has been to really understand the barriers that might prevent students from seeking help in the Lit Center and to strategize ways we can overcome them,” Hanna said.

Before joining the Niles West Community, Hanna graduated from Niles North High School.  During her time between high school and going to college, her passion for teaching and working in communities began to grow and led her here. She used to participate in clubs back in high school, and she even dreamed of becoming an English teacher at one point.

“I did a lot of community organizing work and I did a lot of community service work. I participated in clubs such as, WHO club, Dance Marathon, and the volleyball team. That was something I was very passionate about,” Hanna said.

Coming to West was a significant shift from her past career, which was working with a local non-profit.

“I found myself being drawn back to working at a school. When I originally graduated from Niles North and went to college, I had the desire to be an English teacher. It was something I felt very passionate about. When I realized I wanted to change my career, I was naturally drawn back to this space,” Hanna said.

Senior Stella Korkees appreciates Hanna’s presence in the building: “She’s really nice, really helpful and she is always there for you, even if it isn’t pertaining to the Literacy Center,” Korkees said.

Her contributions and personal touch have also struck a positive chord with teachers: “She has a very friendly face, and welcoming voice,” math teacher Colleen Geogerty said. “She’ll send out emails, she’s very specifically trying to motivate students and encourage them. It reminds me a bit of Wolf Of The Week, only its the Lit Center’s, Tutor Of The Week. She is making it a great place to interact and to be.”

Hanna was greeted with open arms, and now she greets students to the Literacy Center with even wider arms.