John Bae: Niles West’s New QB


John Bae throwing a football.

By Isa Gil, Arts and Entertainment Editor

It’s that time of the year when the fall weather settles in, and the football players start their season. This season, we have some new players on deck and a new quarterback, junior John Bae. With new beginnings, there are new goals that our QB hopes to achieve.

“My goals are the team’s goals. I want to be part of a team that sets a high standard at Niles West for years to come. The Niles West Football Program needs to be on the map and be a playoff contender year in and year out,” Bae said.

With every goal, there is a game plan on how to achieve them, “I want to improve on raising the standard of what it means to be a Niles West football player. Raising the bar is an everyday expectation, and I’ll never be satisfied with where the bar is set. I plan to lead with the help of my teammates because this team isn’t about me or how well I play. It takes 11 guys on Offense, 11 guys on Defense, and 11 guys on special teams doing their job to win a game. However, as a leader, some things I won’t tolerate are being selfish and undisciplined,” Bae said. 

“He’s a great leader. He stays focused on the game and his teammates,” said safety, Matei Cotofrea.

“John Bae is focused on the team’s success and nothing else,” said defensive end, Nicholas Majcher.

Being the new QB is exciting news, but Bae doesn’t allow the title to get to his head. Bae gains motivation to continue to do his job and prove to his team that he is well worthy of the title. Furthermore, Bae looks forward to getting under the lights and playing with his team.

Although Bae earned the title of new QB, he started playing football his freshman year and got addicted to the game. His hard work and dedication paid off freshman year by getting the opportunity to play at the varsity level sophomore year. Bae also recognizes that playing at the varsity level last year gave him much-needed experience and helped him understand the pace of the game.

Not only does Bae appreciate his team, but the team also applauds him and returns the same kind of love and respect he gives them.

“He’s a very hard worker and a great captain as our quarterback. He has progressed insanely from when he started back in the off-season as a quarterback and is one of the biggest reasons we will have a successful season,” said running back, Joey Pantazis.

With their first game on Aug. 27th, the Wolves are off to a strong start 24-12 against Thornton. The Wolves also beat Niles North 27-14. Their next game is Sep. 15 against Elk Grove at 7:00 pm. Best of luck to the team and their season and to John Bae as the new Quarterback.