This Week a Hot New Bombshell Enters Hulu


By Katarina Pljevaljcic, Social Media and Academics Editor

The best and most iconic Summer reality TV dating show just released its 8th season on Hulu. This year, Love Island UK takes place on the beautiful island of Mallorca, Spain in an amazing villa. With more drama, more plot twists, more emotions and more hot singles, this season is better and spicer than ever before.

It’s a show you can watch anywhere or anytime when you need a good boost of serotonin thanks to the enthusiastic host Luara Whitmore, and the entertaining narrator, Iain Stirling.

This season the spotlight is on Gemma Owen, which I found a little unfair to the other beautiful ladies in the villa. From the start, Gemma has been pulling the most guys but has shown no loyalty to them by dropping one guy for another. The show has created a negative image around Gwen. In the clips, she is perceived as closed off and always carrying a natural “RBF,” but in the unseen bits, she is actually really outgoing and more mature than all the guys in the villa combined, even when she is the youngest at only 19 years old.

When Gemma coupled up with Luca Bish, the man who sells fish, everything was going great for the both of them. They took “3rd times a charm” quite literally as he was her 3rd boy, but things quickly turned around when the show put in a huge plot twist. I feel like this plot twist was super unnecessary as it could’ve been for any other girl in the villa to draw the attention away from Gemma. I feel bad for Luca because he finally got the girl he wanted and this had to happen.

Another big hit this season was Davide Sanclimenti, the “Italian stallion”. When he entered the villa, the girls were in awe of his accent and of course his physical appearance. He is a favorite of mine because of his sassy humor and on-and-off relationship with Ekin-Su Cülcülolu. They are my top favorite couple in the villa because they are so real with each other. When she arrived, he was still not over Gemma, but Ekin-Su stayed by his side and made sure that they would end up together, she didn’t want to give up on the opportunity of love given to her. What I truly adore about this whole relationship is that they are still together even after the show ended.

It is evident throughout the show that this was the best season that Love Island has ever had. From the improvements in production quality to a more diverse cast, to a brand new grand villa, the effort put to make this season more entertaining for viewers is off the charts. The date excursions have gotten more interesting too as we saw one at a private tennis court and another surrounded by orchids making lemonade. I would rate this season a 9/10, and I am so excited to see what the next season has to offer.