The Vampire Diaries Actress, Kat Graham Stars in “Love in the Villa”

Love in the Villa movie poster

Love in the Villa movie poster

By Isa Gil, Arts and Entertainment Editor

As summertime has come to an end, many say the colder seasons are seasons of love. And with it, we hopeless romantics have no choice but to indulge in some cute rom-coms. Luckily for us, instead of rewatching “The Notebook” for the 20th time, we have a new movie to watch called “Love in the Villa.”

Even though this movie has a love story, it didn’t start out like it. A Romeo and Juliet-obsessed third-grade teacher named Julie, played by Kat Graham, is finally going to Verona to live out her dreams. And as a plus, she is going with her boyfriend Brandon, played by Raymond Ablack, or so she thought. When Julie sees her boyfriend of four years at dinner, things suddenly go downhill, and she’s left heartbroken. Although Julie has no one to go with to Verona, she still decides to make the trip and meets Charlie, played by Tom Hopper, who was also booked in the same room as her in the villa.

When Julie and Charlie met, I could immediately tell this was going to be an enemies to lovers kind of story. Right off the bat, there is a conflict between the both of them, and I was intrigued to find out how this love story would develop. It could develop in two ways, either they would have a slow burn or an abrupt change in emotion.

And as the movie progressed, you could see Charlie and Julie’s relationship take a shift. Nights of pettiness and fighting over who would stay at the villa suddenly turned into a soft spot. But, just as the viewer started to believe everything was going great, Charlie’s on-and-off fiance appeared out of the blue. When this happened, I was definitely shocked, but it also gave an explanation as to why Charlie had such a negative view of love and is distant.

As if things couldn’t get any worse, Julie’s fiance flies out to Verona declaring his love for Julie and asking for her hand in marriage. Now I don’t know about you, but when Brandon came back I was definitely confused about whether or not I would dismiss him. Or that was until I realized he didn’t really care about Julie and was just proposing because of his family. Luckily, Julie turned him down and decided that they weren’t a match for each other.

With thoughts about Charlie, Julie was devastated he had a fiance. Everything seemed so perfect only for it to be completely destroyed; however, just when the audience thought Charlie had given up on Julie, he ran to find her and confess his love for her.

Although this movie wasn’t bad, I would give it a 6/10. Its cinematography was beautiful given it was filmed in Verona, but the actual script itself was basic. For example, some lines like, “that’s low, even for you,” are really overdone and unoriginal. Also, this love story was really predictable and wasn’t really entertaining. On the bright side, if you just want to binge something romantic, this movie could definitely be for you.