Homecoming: Was it worth the hype?

By Isa Gil, Arts and Entertainment Editor

Homecoming week has finally come to an end. This means it’s that time of year when you refresh your Instagram feed and see everyone in their outfits pre and post Homecoming. And although every year is the same routine of dresses, suits, ties, and heels the only thing that changes every year is the theme.

This year, our homecoming theme was Chromatica Ball, it features colors like gold, silver, and black following along with Lady Gaga’s Chromatic Ball concert. When entering through the main entrance, students were greeted by medium-sized inflatable disco balls hanging on the railings. The wall outside the contest gym was also decorated. It had a black background with a medium-sized silver backdrop placed in the middle with some black and grey balloons on top all. It was a perfect area to take pictures in.

Not only was the wall outside the contest gym Instagram-worthy, but inside the contest gym, there were also three photo booths where you could take pictures. The backdrops behind the photo booths were silver or black which went along with the theme. Even though there weren’t that many decorations put up inside the contest gym, these photo booths were just perfect, and they always held a line of people waiting to take some pictures. Inside the wrestling gym, cookies and water were handed out to students. Furthermore, there were many round tables where students could take a seat to relax.

Now although decorations are important, everyone knows music really determines whether a party is good or not.

“I liked some of the songs played but others I’ve never heard of before. Overall though, the DJ’s played a good song variety appealing to all different types of genres making the dance enjoyable,” said sophomore Esha Ali.

“The music was great, and the DJ kept everyone going all the way to the end! Being able to be in the school with everyone for something, not academic-related was so exciting, and our school community made it really great. Really grateful for the teachers, staff, and student cabinets that helped set up and make the environment perfect for the night,” said junior Saige Bender.

The DJs did an amazing job hyping up the crowd. When they felt the audience was lacking energy, they made them chant and told them to raise their phones for the next song. Not only that, but they added an unexpected guest this year featuring Niles West’s very own rapper, 7KPyro, also known as Karol Chmielewski. When Chmielewski performed, the audience’s energy definitely shifted and became very energized.

“It was unforgettable, one of the best nights I’ve ever had. Being brought on the stage was a surreal experience. It was amazing performing songs that I recorded and mixed in my home studio and my bedroom for a crowd of over a thousand students. Let’s run it back next year,” said Karol Chmielewski.

Aside from Chmielewski’s performance, many were forming mosh pits to the songs played. And although they were fun, it was kind of annoying when others would jump on your feet, or you would get absorbed into the pit eventually getting trampled on. But regardless, the dance was still enjoyable.

This year’s Homecoming was so much fun. Many people were definitely hyped up because it was their first official homecoming in years. Also, the decorations added an extra touch and just made everything come together.

“The colors were very fitting with the theme and the lights placed on the stage were cool. I also really liked the decorations in front of the contest gym,” said junior Jenavieve Shimanski.

Overall, homecoming was an amazing experience. Even though there weren’t any cups left for water or water bottles in the vending machine, and people were getting pushed around, it was still a fun night maybe next year more requested songs will play.