Niles West Girls Volleyball SERVE The Role As Regional Champions


The Wolves take a picture as regional champions.

By Gia Bexes, Features Editor

After defeating Maine West in three sets, and Fremd in two sets, the Girls Varsity Volleyball team became the regional champions. The IHSA volleyball regionals took place on October 25th and 27th, with two wins for the Wolves.

Though the competition was tough, the team was in the right mindset for successful plays. “When going up against a team that you know is really good, you have to find any advantage you can,” senior and captain Sarah Besoaga said.

One strategy the team used was studying different plays. “We watched so much film and found every spot we knew could burn the other team on. We stayed consistent and didn’t let any bad play or call bring us down. We maintained our positivity and won. It was truly a perfect example of what hard work means,” Besoaga said.

While keeping your head in the game can be stress-inducing, the girls did not let this get to them while playing. The Wolves made sure to have fun but stay focused during their games. “The regionals were the most fun games our team has played. We had our heads in the game the whole time, staying focused but also enjoying our time in the gym. It shows all our hard work this season has paid off, and now we get to transfer all of that into our sectional game,” senior Victoria Kutkovska said.

Throughout the entire season, these athletes have been practicing day in and day out, in preparation for their games, especially regionals. One struggle the team endured was that many team members were out this season due to injury. “We all worked really hard this year and even with so many girls out and starting the season with a rough start, we were able to win and it was such a great feeling,” junior Mia Niketic said.

Many team members found that regionals brought out a huge spark in each player. “I would say regionals was the best and most focused our team has ever played. The win was a team effort, and we had a lot of fun,” sophomore Maia Clair said.

It is no doubt that the girls’ volleyball team will continue to succeed.

“Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships,” senior Natalie Gadek said.

The Wolves will be playing in the Sectional Championship tonight at the Sectional Semifinal Game vs Loyola Academy. The match will take place at Fremd High School in Palatine. The tickets are $6 if purchased online, and $7 if purchased at the gate. Streaming services will also be available on YouTube.