Lindsay Lohan stars in new movie: Falling For Christmas


“Falling for Christmas” movie poster.

By Cristina Davison, Staff Writer

As Christmas inches closer, Christmas movies begin to soar in popularity again. One of those is Falling For Christmas, which was recently released and has gained popularity on Netflix.  

Lindsay Lohan stars as Sierra Belmont, a rotten spoiled girl that unfortunately got into a skiing accident with her boyfriend, leaving her with nothing to remember. Sierra is placed in a holiday home where she stays with a family until her identity is revealed. While she is there, Sierra’s boyfriend continues to look for her while trying to find comfort and shelter after the accident and getting lost. 

To a slight surprise, this movie was quite entertaining. Many movies, especially new Christmas ones, can be generic, predictable, or boring, but this one provided a different and uncommon plot all while maintaining Christmas vibes. Furthermore, the movie is well written and the plot is very well developed, meaning, it isn’t rushed or dragged on. Also, I enjoyed the comedic component with all the funny moments between the characters.

The relationship between the characters adds to the common trope in Christmas movies, of loving and spending time together. The film is also consistent with the premise, and while it mainly focuses on the relationships Sierra makes with others while recovering her memory, the movie will also cut to scenes of Sierra’s boyfriend struggling to solve his own problems like seeking Sierra. 

The film also remains consistent with Sierra’s main conflict, which is trying to remember who she is until someone else can identify her. It also allows the audience to sympathize with her, throughout the movie Sierra must adapt to these changes in her life. These conflicts that Sierra deals with, also allow her to open up with others and create strong relationships.

The movie stars Lohan, who is known for acting in many comedic dramas, which really adds a cherry on top. Her acting is very well done, and she plays the protagonist quite nicely. Furthermore, Chord Overstreet, the supporting actor, also did an amazing job portraying Jake Russell.

Along with the plot, the soundtrack also adds beautiful holiday songs, Jingle Bell Rock, All Out Of Love, and other versions of Jingle Bell Rock. In addition, some of these songs are sung by the characters, like Lohan, which really enhances the soundtrack. 

Aside from the overall plot, the cinematography is amazing. The snow falling is done perfectly, along with the tinted yellow lights that really add to the holiday feeling. The cinematography also makes it easy for many to focus and be entertained, by the vibrant colors and the ugly sweaters that the characters wear.

The scenery is well done, and it definitely appeals to the aesthetic Christmas vibe. Overall, the plot is done well, and it includes some similar yet different content. Having a popular actress like Lindsay Lohan really brings more attention to the movie and makes it more enjoyable to watch. Overall, I would give this movie an 8/10.