Niles West Reps the Pep at the Winter Pep Assembly

Seniors represent at the pep assembly.

By Leila Meseljevic, Opinions Editor

To end winter spirit week, West students attended a pep assembly on Friday, Dec. 9. The assembly included games for students in each grade year to compete in and honoring fall and winter athletes.

Before the competitions between each grade level began, the cheer team performed for everyone.

“I think we did really well as a whole. Both JV and Varsity worked well together. All of us were really excited and we really enjoyed performing at the pep rally. However, I do think we could have added more elements like a dance, and had more time to practice but we still did do amazing. Our coach even said we performed well and [we] looked great out there. She is proud of us for going out there and hitting all of our stunts,” sophomore cheerleader Michelle Marchesa said.

The students were then excited to see the three-point contest between a couple of students and staff. One student from each grade level participated against another to determine the winner. Also, two teachers faced head-to-head during the contest.

Students from winter and fall sports were also recognized for their leadership and achievements during the assembly. Some of those same students also participated in a musical chairs competition. Those students were dancing along to the music being played, but all were screaming when the music cut off. For the finale, two students fought for the last seat, but senior Mia Cejovic was able to get the chair and win!

The orchesis dance team also was there to show off their moves. They danced to Menance and Pure Water by Migos. Throughout their performance, students from all grade levels were cheering them on.

“It was so fun performing for everyone and seeing people have fun. I think both Orchesis and cheer did a great job when performing for the whole school. Also, people were getting a good laugh with all the games towards the end of the assembly. Everything seemed carefree and no one was thinking about finals coming up this week,” sophomore Alba Ahmeti said.

To finish off the assembly, the English teacher Mr. Randolph, and a junior student went against each other in a bouncy ball race. They raced across the gym floor, from one side to another. Surprisingly, Mr. Randolph was able to win with a huge lead.

“I liked it when Mr. Randolph smoked the student, it was funny,” freshman Sayan Khan said.