Soul Good Coffee: Where The Coffee is in Fact Good For Your Soul


By John Przekota, Staff Writer

What started out as a food truck has now made its way to an actual location, previously known as The Curragh on Lincoln Ave in Skokie, which is now Soul Good Coffee. The place sells doughnuts and specializes in beverages. Although I’m not a huge coffee fan, I knew that I would have to make this a special occasion and go.


When I first walked through the door, I noticed three doughnuts lying on the table: an old-fashioned chocolate, Ube with Oreo crumble, and fruity pebbles. To start off, the old-fashioned chocolate doughnut was exactly what you expected it would taste like, delicious. Now with the Ube with Oreo crumble doughnut, I admit I was a little more hesitant to eat it because I’d never heard of it, but it tasted a lot better than I expected. For those of you who are also lost on what this doughnut offers, it’s basically a purple sweet potato. The Oreo crumble on the top definitely gave this doughnut the help it needed; nonetheless, the flavor was still very enjoyable. Lastly, we had the fruity pebbles doughnut. Although I’ve never been a huge fan of fruity pebbles, I can admit I was curious to see how this one would come to be. Going into this I had higher expectations, the dough on this one tasted a lot like the dough from Dunkin donuts which was sort of frustrating. Overall, it was just an okay doughnut. If I were to make a list, number one would be the old-fashioned chocolate, number 2 would be the Ube with Oreo Crumbles, and number three would be the fruity pebbles doughnut.


For the drinks, I got Hot Chocolate, Peppermint Hot Chocolate, and Soul Bright coffee. For the regular Hot Chocolate, I was very surprised. It had a very milk chocolatey flavor which stood out to me. For the Peppermint Hot Chocolate, I knew this was going to be a hit or miss. With peppermint, it’s either the right amount or too much, and they put the perfect amount. It was definitely there but the taste was very subtle, so it almost tasted like mint chocolate chip ice cream which I was very pleased with. Lastly, I got the Soul Bright coffee which had pistachio syrup in it. Personally, I was not a huge fan of this but my mom, on the other hand, believed the pistachio syrup was added in by just the right amount. My list for the drinks would be number one Peppermint Hot Chocolate, number two Hot Chocolate, and number three Soul Bright coffee.

Tacos and Empanadas

The last few things that I got were breakfast tacos and empanadas from Cafe Tola that Soul Good was selling. Every week, Soul Good has a new restaurant that they partner with, and this week, it was Cafe Tola. First, I got the Steak, Egg, and Cheese breakfast taco. Then, the poblano pepper, potato, and cheese empanada. Lastly, I got the Chicken Tinga empanada. To start off, the breakfast taco is exactly what I expected it to be. When you put ketchup on it, it tastes amazing. Next, I got the poblano and cheese empanada. Overall, it wasn’t enjoyable because of the pepper and cheese combo. Lastly, I got to the chicken empanada which was loaded with chicken, something that I really enjoyed. This was definitely one of my favorites, the second being the breakfast taco, and at the very bottom the poblano and cheese empanada.

Overall, I really enjoyed my experience at Soul Good coffee. I would recommend giving it a go and definitely trying out some of the drinks mentioned.