Lit Center Tutor Krishna Patel Brings Positivity to Niles West


By John Przekota, Staff Writer

As finals week is on its feet, students are ready to prepare themselves by getting all the help they need, and lots of studying could play a big role in getting that A. One of the key ways students at Niles West can get studying help is at the Literacy Center, where there are fellow classmates and teacher tutors who offer their help in any subject. One of the many Lit Center tutors, junior Krishna Patel, has made a positive impact on the Lit Center team and students.

For students who desire to devote their time to helping others, the Lit Center is a great place to do so. “I felt that if I could help my classmates in the classroom, then why not go in the Lit Center to help others,” Patel said.

As for Patel’s effect on the Lit Center, Lit Center Secretary Reine Hanna believes that Patel is a great asset to the environment.

“Krishna is not only a tutor, but he is one of our student leaders in the Lit Center. [He serves] on the Lit Center Leadership Committee which helps set the vision for our space. He is a pleasure to have as part of our tutoring team, and always comes in with great energy and a willingness to help,” Hanna said.

Having a good effect on not only fellow students but also teachers and staff is something that helps build a good community in the Lit Center. There is no doubt that Patel sets a great example for other tutors and students.

“Our expectation is that Lit Center tutors are leaders in our school community, and Krishna embodies that in so many ways,” Hanna said. 

As for other tutors, junior Abe Chirayil observes Patel working hard as a tutor, which is nothing new to him. “I’ve known Krishna since fifth grade. He’s a great friend because he always has your back. No matter what you’re going through he’s there for you,” Chirayil said. “He’s great to be a tutor because he can teach a variety of subjects. Another thing he does well is actually teaching the material.”

Having someone that can teach every subject and help teach the student the subject that they are confused about is super helpful. This ultimately can bring more and more students to the Lit Center.

Make sure to take advantage of the resources here at West, like the Lit Center, and get help not only from Patel, but all the other tutors and teachers there to help. All of the tutors and teachers there are ready and prepared for the stress-inducing finals week. Stop by the Lit Center not just this week, but all year round to get help with your classes.