Wednesday Brings The Chills to Winter


Wednesday TV show on Netflix.

By Ammy Diaz, Staff Writer

If you’re looking to tune into a fun and action-filled comedic mystery, Netflix’s Wednesday is just the show for you. Many of the episodes from the series are directed by the ever-so-famous Tim Burton and his visions are definitely seen in the show. Wednesday is a spin-off of the classic Addams Family. The only daughter Wednesday is shown as a high school student, struggling to fit into modern-day society. Despite this, she’s a troublemaker which causes her to be expelled from her high school and shipped off to a boarding school called Nevermore Academy. The school of “outcasts” where her parents fell in love.

Wednesday’s arrival at Nevermore was not an easy transition. This was the first time that she was being introduced to a more fantasy-filled school as previously she had only attended “normal schools.” As soon as Wednesday starts she can tell there’s something off going on. Almost as if she’s being targeted.  She goes through a number of attacks having a statue dropped from the top of a building and a monster attack all within the first episode. A classmate is murdered as well during the monster attacks, and it leads to a chain of murders at the school which Wednesday has to figure out.

The star of the show is Jenna Ortega. A big thing coming from this show is that they introduce a Latinx family as the Addams family.  Jeanna Ortega being of Puerto Rican descent plays a character meant to be Latin for the first time on screen.  She did an amazing job portraying the sassy witty character, but also subtly incorporating hints of her Latin culture in the show. I was very happy to see that she was cast and this show would not be the same without her.

The show has been getting a lot of hype, and I do believe that it’s with reason. I don’t tend to gear toward fantasy type of shows at all but the mystery element of finding out who is behind the murders of the case draws people in for sure. It can get gory, but it is targeted toward young adults so it’s not too extreme. Originally, I had assumed that it would have been a kid’s show, so it was to my surprise when I started it and someone was being eaten by piranhas in the first five minutes. Overall, I do think that it’s a show everyone should try. It has many fresh new actors and a sort of diverse cast with a very interesting storyline. Definitely go check out Wednesday.