West Fans Weigh in on The Super Bowl


By John Przekota, Staff Writer

With such an exciting NFL season coming to an end this Sunday, Feb. 12. at the most exciting football game of the whole year, the Super Bowl. This Super Bowl is a perfect presentation of what it should usually be, the two best teams from the NFC and AFC. The Eagles and Chiefs are the best teams in their conferences, both having a 16-3 record and finishing the season as the number 1 seed in their conferences.

When asked who will take the crown, junior Peter Mestousis has some very strong opinions.”I think the Chiefs will win the Super Bowl although their receiver core is lacking this year I think they will still pull out with the win,” Mestousis said.

Many people believed with the loss of star receiver, Tyreek Hill, the Chief’s offense would take a huge step back. But  Patrick Mahomes and his teammates instead took one huge step forward as an offense, with Mahomes setting the single-season passing yards record this year.

Despite the Chiefs looking good, senior Meyer Rogoff believes the Eagles have this win in the bag. “I think the Eagles will win the Super Bowl just because they have a more balanced team. All of their wide receivers are better than any of the Chief’s receivers, and they have a much better secondary. Although I believe Mahomes is better than Hurts, I still think the Eagles will come out with the win,” Rogoff said.

Both Rogoff and Mestousis have good points as to why each team can win, as the Eagles have a much deeper team but the Chiefs, on the other hand, have better players at skill positions.

There is a lot of excitement for the game as fans, “I’m excited to watch such a high-powered defense face Mahomes again because it’s awesome watching him shred even the best,” senior Vince Roque said.

Mahomes is one of those players that just you just can’t miss on TV. The plays he makes when in the pocket even improvising outside of the pocket are insane to watch as an NFL fan. The winner of this game at the quarterback position will solidify who the MVP of the NFL will be. With the built-up excitement, the halftime show and also the food we eat, we can all hope for a fantastic game. You can watch the game on FOX at 5:30 pm. You can also stream the game on Youtube TV.