Opinion: Selena Gomez Versus Hailey Bieber


By Isa Gil, Arts and Entertainment Editor

If you’re a fan of either Selena Gomez or Hailey Bieber, you may have heard about all their drama on TikTok. Now if you haven’t been keeping up with TikTok recently, let me give you a recap on how this all started. Was it about a relationship, a scandal or betrayal? No, this feud started over eyebrows. I know what you’re thinking, crazy right? Why is the internet going so crazy over a pair of eyebrows? Well, Selena and Hailey have been in a whirlwind of drama for years regarding Justin Bieber. Selena and Justin dated for almost a decade before their breakup in 2018 where a few months later the singer got engaged to Hailey, and a couple of months later got married to her. Since Hailey and Justin got married shortly after his last relationship, many fans speculated the two must have been seeing each other while Selena and Justin were together.

Now fast forwarding to Feb. 22, 2023, Selena posted a TikTok joking about how much she accidentally over-laminated her eyebrows.  A couple of hours later though, Hailey posted an Instagram story about her and Kylie Jenner face-timing with close-ups of their eyebrows. To make matters worse, afterward, Kylie posted an Instagram story of her eyebrows with the caption, “this was an accident ?????”. When I first heard about what Hailey posted on her story, I admit I gave it the benefit of the doubt because the picture could have been showing off their eyes. However, when Kylie posted “this was an accident?” it was obvious they must have been talking about Selena.

In my opinion, I think this feud is pointless. Although Hailey and Kylie didn’t have to comment on Selena’s eyebrows, I believe people have taken this too far.

Many have gathered pictures of Selena’s outfits throughout the years, and they have compared them to Hailey saying, “she’s copying her.” Not only is this stupid, but it’s reaching so much. For example, just because a girl wears sweatpants and a sweater one day and another wears the same thing another day, it does not mean they are copying them. In fact, everyone wears sweatpants and a sweater because it’s a trend.

Although people were reaching with the clothing, there are some things that just seem too similar to be a coincidence. For example, in one TikTok, posted by an individual with the username @protectselgomez, they shared clips of similarities between Selena’s 2020 cooking show Selena + Chef and Hailey’s 2022 “What’s In My Kitchen?” YouTube series. “This is my real home, everything that we’re doing is at home, this is my amazing kitchen, which is the set,” Selena told viewers as she showed them around her kitchen. Then, the TikTok transitioned to a clip of Hailey showing around the kitchen, telling the viewers: “Yes, we actually are in my real kitchen, in my real house. This is not a set. This is where I really live.”

To add to this, another TikTok uploaded by @hai.lie.bald shows two clips, one by Selena and Hailey both saying the same thing. “Somebody asked me a while ago, what’s the one thing you wish people knew about you and I said ‘I wanted it to be my heart,’” Selena said.

Another clip showed Hailey saying, “They didn’t know who I was, they didn’t know Hailey for Hailey. And I just always had this constant battle where I was saying, I wish people just knew my heart,” Hailey said. Again, this could be a coincidence but these four clips just seemed too similar for her not to be copying Selena in some way.

Overall, I believe this drama is dumb. Many people are reaching and although there are some similarities or indications Hailey may be copying Selena, I don’t think other people should care that much. At the end of the day, it has nothing to do with them, and they are dedicating too much of their time to something that won’t even benefit them.