Osburn to Host Reading Hour

By Gabrielle Abesamis

Principal Kaine Osburn is scheduled to host the next Reading Hour session on Thursday, Dec. 1 at 7:15 a.m. in room 2040.

According to Osburn, he will be reading his selections from the novel “The Yiddish Policemen’s Union” by Michael Chabon.

“I don’t get to read much newer fiction anymore.  I usually am reading the news or academic writing while finishing my PhD, so Chabon’s book is the last good contemporary fiction I have read, and I really really like his writing and the book,” says Osburn.

Osburn and others encourage students to attend the event.

” People should come to Reading Hour for no better reason than to make the world smaller and their experience of it large,” says Osburn.

” I enjoyed going to Reading Hour last year, there’s free breakfast! It’s also cool hearing different stories, it’s for less than an hour so it really wouldn’t be a waste of time.  The reading part is also pretty important too. Even though it isn’t anything major, it makes us smarter,” says sophomore Paul Dugo

Sophomore Tina Conis agrees.

“If students don’t go, they might miss out on awesome opportunities like getting Chipotle giftcards. Plus, you’re more exposed to literature and let’s face it, kids in highschool generally don’t read as much as they are suppose to,” says Conis.

Bagels and juice will be served.