Opinion: Is the Shamrock Shake Good Or Bad?


By Danica Calalang, Staff Writer

The McDonald’s Shamrock Shake is back to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. Is the iconic mint-green beverage worth the hype? I don’t think so.

I last had a Shamrock Shake when I was eight years old. I was so excited to try it. Next thing you know, I was throwing it up all over my bed. The once delicious-looking milkshake became a huge green mess all over my pink bedsheets. I have not had a Shamrock Shake up until now, and I’m glad I did so.

First of all, the price was not worth it. For about four dollars, you get 500 calories and 63 grams of sugar in a cup that is no more than 14 ounces big. And that’s a small! They didn’t even fill the whipped cream to the top of the lid, not that I would drink it anyway. Still cheaper than Starbucks, but I’d rather spend four dollars on two birthday cake pops if I wanted a sugar fix. I could also buy myself a Happy Meal for four dollars.

Second of all, I could taste all 63 grams of sugar in the first sip. The shake was overbearingly sweet. All the sugar built up in my throat and left a really nasty feeling. I don’t like consuming things that are too sweet anyway, so this wasn’t the brightest idea of mine. As a kid, I used to get sore throats if I had too much sugar. After drinking the Shamrock Shake, there’s no doubt I’ll be getting one soon.

Third, I can’t tell if it’s not minty at all or too minty. The mint flavor was inconsistent throughout the drink. There were some sips where I tasted more vanilla than mint, and others I felt like I was drinking a pack of spearmint gum. Emphasis on sips. I couldn’t even finish the entire drink. I threw it out halfway through drinking it. And that was between my dad and I splitting it.

I can make a list of quite a few purchases that I regretted. Buying the Shamrock Shake is definitely close to the top of the list. Although the Chicago River is green, I won’t be making my stomach the same to celebrate St. Patrick’s day. McDonald’s did a great job of attracting people for the holiday, but unless you are a child trying it for the first time, I think the long line of excited customers will be greatly disappointed. Personally, I think the Shamrock Shake brings more bad luck than good, and I will not be ordering another one any time soon.