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Lincoln Hall 6th Graders Receive iPads

Lincoln Hall student Sarah Yun on her iPad. Photo by Rebecca Yun

Lincoln Hall sixth graders have been given iPads to use for the 2011-2012 school year after joining the national iPad One-2-One Learning Initiative program, a program in which students are given the chance to be more independent and learn more on their own in addition to allowing people to see how the iPads work and how they can be used to the students’ advantage.

“I think it is a great opportunity to demystify the use of iPads in classroom. Discovering first-hand what the iPad does well and what doesn’t work; gaining a better understanding of how to take advantage of this technology,” said district 219 chief technology officer Guy Ballard.

The iPads are used for organization, assignments, and to take online quizzes. Lincolnwood district 74 director of technology Mary Jane Warden said that the iPads are not for the teachers, but for the students’  benefits. She also said some teachers have found it easier to teach with the students having iPads.

Some Niles West students said that the iPad is a good learning tool and could be beneficial.

“I think it’s cool that’s the school is trying to bring technology into their education since technology is starting to get way more popular. iPads can get distracting with all the apps and games and stuff, but it’s also a lot easier to take notes and be organized with and iPad,” said sophomore Nazira Patel.

However, there are some who said it is unfair and unnecessary since it will just be a distraction to the students.

“Sixth graders in general are very careless with the iPads. My brother already broke his iPad twice, and so did his friends. I mean, if they wanted to give iPads out so badly, they could have at least given them to the eighth graders, or maybe even us. We would put way more use into the iPads than sixth graders, and be more responsible too.  In my opinion, our school should give freshmen an iPad, instead of those netbooks,” said sophomore Shan Khan.

Some freshmen have claimed that they do not use their netbooks very much during school, and especially not at home.

“I feel like it’s a waste of money- they’re in 6th grade! What could they possibly need iPads for? I’m sure they at least have computers at home if not laptops…and don’t most schools have like a computer lab? I personally don’t use my netbook very often. I don’t think either of them [high school students and sixth graders] really need iPads” said freshman Sherlina Chauhan.

According to Warden, the iPads are just a trial for the year, but if it goes well, the students will be able to keep them until eighth grade, and possibly even afterwards.

“I think for the last quarter and a half, it has been proven to be successful, and we are very excited. There are hurdles of course, but I am very positive about it working,” said Warden.

iPads or netbooks– the program is spreading, and already many schools have started using one or the other.

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