The Wolves Fall Short to the Wildkits

The Wolves huddle up after the point ends.

By Leila Meseljevic, Opinions Editor

Halfway through the Volleyball season, the boys are still working hard to come out strong for the end of the season. On Wednesday, April 26, the Wolves played Evanston and pushed throughout the game. However, the Wolves couldn’t finish off the game with a win. Evanston got another win to the record, and West got another loss.

The boys had high expectations about the game because they have been working diligently both on and off the court. They have been practicing individual skills on the court, exploring their purpose, goals, and expectations for the season off the court as well. Even though Evanston has a better record than West the Wolves are still high in spirit, “I’m not nervous at all because our team chemistry has been gradually improving over the past month. We are actively working towards building new connections with each other,” senior Jonah Micor said.

The start of the Wolves season had players with limited varsity experience, and a lot of the players getting exposed to varsity-level volleyball was extremely valuable to the team.

“As a team, we still need to hone our ball skills and mental approach to the game. I hope we are competing for a Regional Championship at the end of the season. This team has been a wonderful group of guys that get along with each other and are just good people,” head coach Drew Roche explained.

The Wolves fought hard throughout the game. Players on both sides were swinging left and right. Many blocks were put up by Evanston, and our serves helped West have a close point range during the second set.

Roche acknowledged how the season has had both ups and downs. Roche had high expectations for the game and knew the match was going to be highly competitive with Evanston, “We have shown the ability to play at a really high level at times; however, we have also played down to our opponents’ level at times.  Of course, we would like to have a few more wins for our record but we have been growing all season long.  Evanston is having a really good year this year so we will have our hands full,” Roche said.

Even though the boys didn’t win they are still working hard trying to fix their mistakes. Especially during practice, they work on what they did wrong during the last game they had. They do struggle at times but they never give up on a team. “The season is going okay and most of our matches are close matches, but we do struggle to finish them in the end. It does depend on who’s playing, but usually, a couple of people on the team have a lot of energy on the court. This helps us going during the matches, which allows us to play well as a team,” sophomore Will Arvizu said.
Their next home game is May 11, so be sure to come out and show your support. Best of luck to the Wolves and the rest of their season!