Girls Water Polo Seniors Spotlight

The water is still before the game begins, as Block talks to the girls.

By Khadija Khan, Sports Editor

The 2023 girls water polo season has officially come to an end as of Monday, May 8, and it has been a very successful season for the Wolves. On Monday, May 1, the girls hosted their senior night at their last home game against Maine East where they dominated the water and won after a very intense game.

Before the game, the four seniors on the team, Ella LindemannCaitriona HermerZahra Ait El Mahjoub and Al Ghala Mariam Al Radi, were celebrated. The underclassmen made them posters and decorated the pool deck for them. During the ceremony, they made a bridge for the seniors to walk through with their families.

It is obvious that seniors mean a lot to this team and they will be missed. Head coach Matthew Block started coaching here when the seniors started high school and it is definitely bittersweet for him to watch their last game. “They have been leaders since day one, I started my first year coaching here with them as freshmen, obviously, then we had covid but they are the most reliable people high schoolers that I have ever worked with and I am so proud of them and so happy for them,” Block said.

They began the game right after the ceremony and it was very intense. Many of the seniors went in with a mindset to win. “I want to win, it’s my senior night and it’s my last home game, and I just wanted to lead the team to victory,” Hermer said.

It was a very close game between the Wolves and Demons, but after four quarters of the intensity, the Wolves took home victory by one point, the final score being 8-7.

The seniors lead the way to a win. “Two of our seniors Zahra and Caitriona are the key players in our team defense.  They work together as a team to make sure that the middle is able to be shut down and no easy shots are taken, and two the switching and covering of all the drives and girls that come down the middle are handled by them….Our other senior Ella was able to hold her own in the set and control the middle on offense through some of the games this season, which helped our team as a whole in being able to score goals and win,” junior Vaughn Holleran said.

There was a lot of improvement since the beginning of the season. “We communicate a lot better we pass the ball a lot better we move through the water so much better just every aspect of our game has improved,” Block said.

The team ended up placing third in the CSL south conference. Be sure to congratulate the team for their great work this season!