Opinion: Finals Week Isn’t That Bad


By Charlotte Herbert, Staff Writer

As the year is coming to a close, most students spend their time studying, stressing and complaining about finals. I for one, only fall into two of those categories- I don’t think finals are as terrible as everyone thinks they are. While I may only be a freshman with a few finals seasons under my belt, I still don’t completely understand the hate.

First of all, finals week has classes that are much longer than usual, which is definitely a welcome change. Having an extended period to spend with classmates and teachers that you may not see for months (if ever) gives me an opportunity to say a meaningful and non-rushed goodbye.  I like the longer class parties, and since it’s not actual class, in the periods you don’t have a final, you can study for other tests.

Second of all, I love half days. Half days help you have some sense of productivity during the day while having plenty of time to socialize with friends and study for the next day’s finals after the school day is over. I’m also a big morning person, so half days give me the extra time I need that others get during late starts. Three half days in a row is basically a blessing for me, so it’s no wonder why I like finals week so much.

Even if Niles West removes finals week like some other high schools are doing, finals will happen whether we have a designated week for it or not. We’ll have massive tests in the classes where that’s an appropriate way to measure academic success and not in classes where it’s not necessary; there just won’t be a name for it. At least with an official week, there will be enough time to complete those finals in a single day, instead of having part of a final one day and the next part another day. This helps me do better on finals because cutting me off halfway through a test makes me lose all motivation to study for the rest of it.

Overall, I think finals week makes the inevitability of difficult tests a little more bearable through its longer periods and half days. Plus, nothing beats the satisfaction of knowing you aced a final. I do have a sneaking suspicion that more of my fellow students agree with me; it’s just they’re too scared to admit that they actually like finals.