Opinion: Ted Lasso Can Coach More Than Just Soccer


By John Przekota, Staff Writer

With the third season of comedy-drama series”Ted Lasso” coming to an end, there has been quite an impression that  this season is the last season of Ted Lasso. In the show, Ted Lasso becomes a favorite coach in the premier league and throughout the country. When he is first hired, he was a head coach of a football team. His football team brought much success. With that said, it is clear that he can coach both American and English football. I think Ted Lasso can succeed in other sports as well.

The first sport I think Ted Lasso would flourish in is baseball. I think that he would do good in this game because in the show he always tries to have fun with his team and bring good energy to everyone on the team. In baseball, if you hit a ball three out of ten times, you are considered one of the best players. However, all of the loss could get to your head when your team is playing badly, however I think Lasso would never let it get to the players and would try to keep it positive, which is such a good trait to have while playing baseball and coaching baseball.

Another sport I think that Ted Lasso would be a great coach at is basketball. I feel like he would struggle at first, kind of like how he did with soccer and in the show, but in the more recent seasons and episodes, he has shown that he can make up his own strategies once he gets an understanding of a team. I don’t think he would be able to join a team that is built to succeed right away because it would take him time to develop a good strategy. In the first seasons of the show, Lasso relies heavily on the other coaches for help with game plans, but eventually, he makes his own strategy and shows he’s starting to comprehend the game a little more. I think he would perfectly fit into a rebuilding team.

Those are the two sports I could really see him succeeding in because any crazy physical sport, after he coached soccer, would not really fit him. He showed how much more calm and more relaxed he can be, so I could never really envision him coaching a sport like hockey because it is more of a violent sport. I do feel like he would be an interesting coach for tennis or golf because those sports are quieter and simpler. Also, because Ted Lasso is a very vocal person, it would be interesting to see him play tennis or golf. Additionally, the matches last for a really long time and I would like to see how he would be with a whole day of golf or tennis.

Even though Ted Lasso just coaches soccer, he can be a better coach in other sports. Hopefully, they will make another show where he can coach a different sport.