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Fall Tunes

Album Covers from the songs mentioned.

The month of fall has approached, so it’s now that time of the year to find your favorite Starbucks drinks, top fall places, fall books and fall songs to add to your playlist. While you’re looking for songs to add to your playlist, try taking a look at some of the songs below to see whether they fit that fall vibe you’re looking for.

All Too Well By Taylor Swift

When I think about fall, the first artist that pops into my mind is Taylor Swift, but this song in particular brings out the fall energy. This song was first released in 2012, but the ten minute version was released on Nov 11, 2021. Not only was the song released in the month of fall, but the song’s smooth melody encapsulates the fall vibe. Furthermore, the album cover that pictures Swift in a red hat adds to the aesthetic of fall.

Roslyn By Bon Iver & St. Vincent 

If you like to listen to calm music, this song is perfect for you. Unlike Swift’s song, the lyrics within this song aren’t something to really scream out loud, rather, it is the perfect song to listen to when you want a chill vibe. Furthermore, the tune within this song brings you into another dimension of relaxation and draws you into the beauty of nature.

Cardigan By Taylor Swift 

As mentioned in the first song, I feel like Swift is the perfect listen for fall because her songs are typically calm, yet they are catchy and fit that fall aesthetic. Furthermore, the song mentions a cardigan a lot, typically a fall staple item, as a symbol for first love and heartbreak.

From the Dining Table By Harry Styles 

Instead of spring or summer songs which include more upbeat tunes and lyrics, I think fall is sometimes a month of heartbreak or self-reflection and those are the themes that are typically reflected throughout many fall songs. In this song in particular, Styles expresses the pain he feels for someone he’s lost, and the hurt of seeing the person he loved move on to someone else.

My Love Mine All Mine By Mitski

Although I’ve mentioned a lot of songs about heartbreak, this song by Mitski carries a soft tune, but it speaks more about love. Throughout this song, Mitski expresses her love for a partner and how she feels about them through a chill melody.

Overall, I would make sure to take a listen to all of these songs and see if they match your fall playlist.

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